Animatronics And Why We Need to Fear The Future

Films like Terminator could become a reality

Animatronics is a reality and watching films like Terminator many years ago never really raised any alarms. Fast forward to today, and it all seems like a harsh reality.

Animatronics has become a big business for many tech industries and tech giants. Google have been developing robots that are capable of lifting heavy objects, and running after you. A disturbing fact has also been discovered that this technology, could eventually have military purposes.

Using robots for military purposes has it’s benefits and yes it will save many military lives. The real problem with this is that eventually, artificial intelligence could be the demise of the human race.

The robots will quite literally ‘take over’ where they will be so intelligent that they will be fighting us. This technology could be a long way off yet but, its inevitably going to happen in the future. Animatronics is big business in todays world, and the military is not the only industry which incorporates this technology.

There is also a huge demand for robots within the sex industry, and female sex robots are capable of performing very accurate positions for the male user. Jordon Wolfson is an artist that has designed a female robot that writhes about in erotic motions, dressed in a short White dress and knee length boots. His creation is only for his fans that admire his art but there are companies making these robots that have very lifelike and human features and movements.

The sex robot will eventually be a common addition to a tech geeks arsenal of electronic gadgets. The human girlfriend will be a thing of the past, and it’s already happening in various parts of the Far East. There is a big possibility that this technology could spread to the rest of the world by 2020 (if not before).

The current wave of robotic technology has woken us up into thinking that the Terminator films are not as far fetched as we thought. Apart from Arnold Schwarzenegger and his cheesy one liners, there is some substance to the films theme here for sure. Let’s hope that our robotic servants are going to be friendly and compliant rather than the scary and apocalyptic machines that are in the Terminator films.

To put it simply, there is a big possibility that you could have your life full-filled by artificially intelligent robotic slaves (until the roles reverse).

More information on Jordon Wolfson and his animatronic female robot can be found here.


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