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Is This An Antifa Member Causing Issues In A Gun Store?

Antifa Member Individual

Antifa Member Individual
Antifa member enters the store

Is the man (or woman) in the video an Antifa member or an immature kid struggling to provoke a commotion?

We live in a crazy world today and that’s no joke. There are plenty of political groups popping up across the world and its interesting times.

A video featured here on a YouTube channel called ‘Private Sector Arms’ has generated controversy.

The footage starts with a visitor to a gun store in Washington.

A lady (or man) walks around the store and addresses the Store owner (take your pick whether you consider it a woman or a man).

Antifa Member Intimidation
The individual intimidates the storekeeper.

The ‘person’ has a question for the storekeeper: “Do you do anything illegal” and then asks: “Do you sell guns to Jews?’

In a relaxed demeanor, the storekeeper responds and says “why are you being agro?

the person answers with “I’m not being agro, I’m being inquisitive,

After different endeavors to intimidate the vendor, the individual attributes the vendor for being a Nazi (speculating it’s the American banner in the Store window).

The individual discusses the books of bibles that were presented in the store for free.

Note what is mentioned next:

The person asks if they can take the bibles.

In a sarcastic manner, the storekeeper replies: “take as many as you like as they are free, you can read them, burn them and do what you like with them,”.

The reply from the individual was:

“Really?, that’s nice of you as I would burn them,”.

There is casual banter between the vendor and Antifa member going backward and forwards for a moment over the bibles. The individual takes the bibles with them and ventures outside after more casual gossip and being advised to leave by the storekeeper.

You see, the security camera is repositioned to face the front entrance of the store. The Antifa member throws the bibles at the store. The vendor at that point chooses that nothing more will be tolerated and calls the police.

Antifa Member Bibles
The individual arrives back in the store after police were called

When the individual acknowledges that the storekeeper is calling the police he/she walks back into the store to respond: “you said I could do what I want with them”.

Once the storekeeper discussed the details regarding the person with the police, they were inquiring how the person looked.

The storekeeper responds with his explanation:

“20’s,” he said, and the person gets cocky and responds with “30’s”.

Height can be heard being discussed and also color.

The storekeeper told the police that the person was ‘Black’ when the individual was ‘White’. Even the individual looked surprised at that response and quoted:

“I’m not Black!”.

After more casual but intense conversation, the store owner tells the person:

“you can’t throw bibles at the building and you’re starting to be violent and dressed like some Antifa freak,”.

Police arrive at the store and further interrogate the individual. The police then venture into the store to find out from the storekeeper what has transpired.

The storekeeper tells the police what conversation was exchanged between both of them.

A routine check on damages is carried out and they point out that they will need to do paperwork and treat this incident as disorderly.

An arrest will be conducted for trespassing if the person ventures back into the store.

Antifa is an Anti-Fascist organization who protest over various right-wing issues.

Its epic viewing and a must see.

Written by wotdahelldat

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