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Shocking New Craze Where Kids Are Boiling Water From Tampons To Get High

boiling water from tampons

Kids are getting crazier and this new phenomenon where kids are boiling water from tampons to get a quick high is the craziest.

Boiling water from tampons is just the next crazy phase that the young kids are getting into. There have always been youth movements across the decades where young people have got high at music concerts or in a social environment.

The hippy Sixties were a prime example with the youth getting intoxicated at Woodstock and many people from that era remember it well (or maybe not remember much).

Today’s youth is a stranger and more eclectic bunch. A few years ago they had taken tide pods for a kick or 5 minutes of fame in a viral video but fast forward to 2019 and they are now boiling water from used tampons to get their enjoyment.

The New York Post has recently reported on this latest craze and elegantly explains the process of how these kids are creating the unusual and disgusting brew. They have stated that the majority of these teens are from Indonesia which seems to be the prime location for this unusual practice.

The police in Indonesia are not taking it very well and have arrested quite a few teenagers for getting high from this brew.

boiling water from tampons brew

The authorities in Indonesia have stated that teens have taken this strange brew for the last couple of years and it’s not just used Tampons that are being brewed.

The chlorine in the Tampons are making the kids feel high and they are having hallucinations from the chlorine. Boiling water from tampons will hopefully only be a phase and that these kids will find something better to do. Some of these kids who can’t afford a box of new ones have been searching bins for used ones.

Apparently, according to some kids who have experienced this buzz, the used ones are more potent. We can’t think of anything more disgusting knowing today’s youth are drinking this disgusting liquid.

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