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Alt-Right Crowd Gather By Torchlight In Charlottesville

Clashes with counter-protest group happen over night



Clashes happen over night in Charlottesville when Unite The Right take to the streets in a torchlight procession.

The Universtiy of Virgina in Charlottesville was the destination for the protests which had escalated in clashes with a counter-protest group. Various chants were heard from the far-right group as they marched from Municipal Park onward to The University of Virgina.


The counter-protest group (from the left) had clashed with Unite The Right and stated that they were attacked with pepper spray and the ends of torches which were lashed out at them. Do you think there will be more protests and marches like this? It certainly is escalating ever since the presidential elections and it could get more and more dangerous with a possible civil war breaking out if it’s not kept under control. The police did not intervene with this march until the clashes happened which is fair enough but maybe they should have intervened earlier.

It’s very understandable that emotions are high and there is a fair bit of anger amongst the various groups since the wave of terror attacks worldwide and the new president taking a seat in the White House. This new threat of North Korea is not helping matters either.


There will be another demonstration on Saturday 12th August with a full scale Unite The Right protest and talks coming from the area. The organisers estimate that there could be over 1000 people descending on Charlottesville again and that there could be more clashes with the counter-protest groups. Unite The Right have already had many names like “Nazis” thrown at them throughout the night and if this happens again during Saturday then it could escalate into another clash where it could get more violent.


Let’s just hope that these protests are kept under control before they get nasty.

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