The Morbid But Fascinating Cremation Process

Process Of Cremation Furnace

Ever wondered what transpires when a deceased body passes through the cremation process? The video in this article shows you what takes place in under 5 minutes of footage.

Cremation Process Cardboard Box
The bodies are placed in cardboard boxes.

It’s fascinating viewing and the most interesting 5 minutes of your day which will fascinate the macabre part of you (if you have one). The cremation process is filmed in all of its glory.

The video opens with a gloomy, spooky and atmospheric viewing of the furnaces at this crematorium in the United States. You can observe various shots of the body sized flat packed cardboard boxes, and that is when the video gets interesting.

So what transpires in the cremation process?

The step-by-step cremation process:

The bodies are fastened up into cardboard boxes, although there may be a body sized combustible container, and it usually depends on the crematorium. The coffin can be cremated in the furnace but on most circumstances, will solely be applied to move the body in a dignified way. The body gets transported out into the furnace room ready for placement into the furnace.

Once the furnace is ready, the box with the deceased body is distributed into the furnace. The intense flames roaring out from the top of the furnace can be as intense as 800–1000 degrees Centigrade which will inflame the top of the cardboard box. This flame is fierce and blazes through the box and the body inside will become burned. To maintain as much heat possible, the door to the furnace is sealed.

Cremation Process Furnace

Taking into consideration for the body parts to become ash, the body is left behind in the furnace. This is when the scorched debris of the body is crumbled into ash.

After the body is cooled off the ashes are transported into metal trays. Next, the ashes are detracted from the furnace before cooling.

In the next step, the ashes are prepared and blended into a fine dust.

Meanwhile, the dust is exchanged for another metal box which will be transported away prepared for the urn which will be presented to the family. On occasions, the body is presented to the family in a container although many family members would prefer to obtain the urn.

Cremation Process Burnt Body

You are perhaps wondering how they identify which body is which?

The coffin has a name card located on top so they recognize which body is being cremated. Many crematoriums allow relatives to observe the full process and an extra fee is normally expected. Depending on the crematorium the coffin is cremated with the body but in the video, you can simply see cardboard boxes. In this situation, the bodies are being passed on from the coffin to the cardboard box ready for the process of cremation.

After the procedure, it’s dependent upon what you consider doing with the ashes. Many people place them at a columbarium, cemetery or chapel. You can hold the ashes with you and have them at home which many people choose to do or you can bury them in a burial plot. Many people like to scatter the ashes over land or even at sea.

It’s a process that not always gets filmed so it’s a fascinating 5 minutes viewing time.

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