The Advanced Guide to falling asleep fast


The US Navy has a method to help you fall asleep fast and has tried it on Navy seals to great effect.

According to statistics over 150 million people worldwide suffer from sleep problems. Stress and worry are the main factors that keep people awake at night but the US Navy claims you can fall asleep fast and in 2 minutes.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has caused more stress and worry than previously thought and this is messing with people’s sleep patterns. It doesn’t matter what people are trying there seems to be a major factor at play that is keeping people awake.

The mind is playing havoc with sleep patterns. When the mind is in worry mode it can be difficult to fall asleep and its exceptionally hard to quiet the mind. You can try meditation or relaxation techniques before bedtime and they can both help but there is another method that is very powerful and has worked for many people.

This technique was developed by Navy seals and helped performance levels for soldiers that were experiencing high levels of stress. The techniques are fairly straightforward but you need to repeat the technique every night before you go to sleep.

The following method will help you fall asleep fast and in 2 minutes.

The first step involves facial relaxation and you need to relax the muscles around the eyes, tongue, and jaw. Try and keep them as still as possible before you go onto step 2. It may take some practice but just focus on relaxing these muscles first.

The second step involves relaxing shoulders and arms. Relax your shoulders by dropping them as low as you can and then relax the upper arm on one side and then on the other. After this technique, you can move onto step 3.

This step includes relaxing chest and legs while deep breathing. The chest is the first thing to relax and then focus on your thighs and way down to your legs and, ankles and feet. Once you have relaxed your mid and lower body you can then focus on the last step which is your mind.

The mind is where you are having a problem while trying to sleep. A busy mind can bring on tension which makes it hard to relax so now that you have followed the previous steps, this last technique should be easier to achieve.  Visualization is very powerful and you need to focus on a mental image that can include lying in a boat on a calm lake with clear blue sky above.

Another visualization mind image that works is to imagine lying in a hammock in a darkened room with no light.

When you are visualizing these mental images you need to repeat the mantra “Don’t think” on repeat for 10 seconds. Once you have achieved the above techniques you should find it easier to fall asleep.

If this is difficult to achieve at first, don’t give up as practice is very important. Once you have repeated this technique every night before you go to sleep you should find it easier every time. It’s highly important to get sleep or you will experience a lack of concentration and focus. Insomnia can have other negative health effects and can also cause heart conditions and high blood pressure.

The US Navy has tried this technique on military personnel for some time and it works really well.  They tested it for over 6 weeks and up to 96% of Navy seals had success in sleeping with this method so if you find this method helps you fall asleep fast then leave your comments below.

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