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Should This Cop Be Handling Police Dog?

San Diego cop has trouble handling police dog.

handling police dog
handling police dog

handling police dog bitten arm
handling police dog bitten arm

Footage online shows San Diego cop having trouble handling police dog.

The suspect, a black man from California is then wrestled to the ground by the K9. The video then shows the man struggling to stop the dog from biting his arm and the cop seems to be inexperienced in dog training as he has no control over handling police dog.

Bystanders are standing around filming while shouting “why can’t you control your dog” while the suspect is looking like he is in pain. The dog bites his arm as the suspect lies helpless on the floor.

You can hear police cars racing to the scene but the cop is still struggling to control the dog. As the video comes to a dramatic end, you can see that the man has a gaping wound on his arm where the dog has bitten him.

The footage seems to display the untrained dog or shall we say: ‘untrained cop’ as he seems to look like he has had no training in handling police dog.

K9 police dogs need training at a young age and start before the age of 1-year-old. Police dogs are trained at the basic level to start with and then moves up to more thorough training after a year old.

These trained dogs undergo training for at least a year before they are able to work out on the field with the police.

handling police dog arrested
handling police dog arrested

What is wrong with this dog and why can’t the cop control it?

Police dogs are trained to think in a stressful situation and this dog had lost sense in all of that training. Maybe it was because it sensed that the cop had no control over him and that he was giving off a nervous energy that the dog picked up on?

There may be several reasons the dog was not cooperating, and this seems like the likely reason. Police dogs are an emergency tool so this incident was not the best situation for bringing out the K9?

Most people viewing this video would say the suspect deserved it and yes we agree however the dog still needs to have the appropriate training and so does the cop. It is obvious that the suspect will go on to sue the police department for this treatment by the dog. That kind of thing normally happens in America.

What do you think?

handling police dog
handling police dog


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