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11 Tips On How To Fall Asleep (Even If You Suffer From Insomnia)

A good nights sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing. 

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If you suffer from sleepless nights and you can’t sleep then the following sleeping tips could help answer the question: How to fall asleep?

We live in a fast-paced world where we are racing around at work, at home, and with family life. It’s no wonder a high percentage can’t sleep and are asking how to fall asleep at night when feeling stressed and worrying about everyday life.

If you follow the tips below you may be able to say goodbye to those sleepless nights.

Achieving a work/life balance can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life but many of us aren’t in that position because work can take over your life.

In most cases, peoples workload can affect our wellbeing causing health problems. 

Sleep deprivation can be caused by an overreactive mind that’s affected by peoples work life. When you have a ton of things to do at work and your daily tasks build up over the day, you will go home looking at ways to solve issues for the next day.

This will cause you to stay awake at night when you should be sleeping.

There are ways to resolve these matters. For a start, you could have a word with your boss and try to work out ways to relieving your workload.

To discover a solution to your work problems is the first step in helping you combat stress that will help sleep better.

Money can be an issue which can cause sleepless nights. Financial worries are a prime factor in not being able to sleep at night and keeps many people awake just pondering on what to do about money.

Your worries and thoughts need targeting during the daytime when you are awake than leaving it until bedtime when your mind is supposed to be resting.

Combat your problems head-on when you are awake and you find that those sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.

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If you can’t sleep then these sleeping tips can guide you on how to fall asleep the natural way and combat those sleepless nights.

1: Combat your worries and stress during the day when you are awake rather than contemplating about them when you are trying to get to sleep. You will find that resolving problems will make you less stressed in the long run.

2: Read a book before you go to sleep. This has worked for so many people and if you don’t read much try reading more. Reading will not only make you more literate but will also help calm your mind at night before you go to sleep.

I have often drifted off to sleep while reading a book in bed. Try this for yourself to see if it works for you because it can help take your mind away from issues at work.

3: Listen to relaxing and calm music while you are laying in bed. Calm and peaceful music can help you relax if you can’t sleep. Relaxing classical music is great for the mind. Load up a good playlist on Apple or Spotify and let it whisk you away to the land of calm.

4: Meditation can be a good aid in helping you fall asleep and combatting stress. Meditation has been proven to help with many stress-related health issues so may be a good idea to learn how to do this. So many people have enjoyed much health benefits from meditation so give this a try.

5: Deep breathing is essential for relaxation. Once you are in bed and comfortable, try to relax all your muscles and breathe while clearing your mind and concentrating on how you are breathing. After a while, you find you will relax and fall asleep.

6: Aromatic candles can help you relax. Why not light a few in your bedroom making sure they are not a fire risk? Aromatherapy is powerful stuff and certain odors like Lavender can relieve stress and help in aiding the sleeping process. Various other scents like Mandarin, Jasmine, and Chamomile can also help.

7: Herbal teas can also help you relax at night. Try Chamomile tea to help you de-stress after a busy day at work and combine this with Aromatherapy candles to help if you can’t sleep. So many herbal teas are on the market and it is up to you to choose which ones are best for you. Jasmine tea is also superb and you can read about each one to discover if they are suitable for you.

8: Exercise is one of the most powerful ways of combating stress and will also help you if you are struggling with the problem with how to fall asleep. Try to work out a fitness or exercise pattern if you have time during the day or evening. If you don’t have time, make time to exercise daily. A 30-minute brisk walk will make a lot of difference to your health, wellbeing and sleeping patterns.

Why not get yourself a Fitbit which will monitor your exercise plan and also monitor your sleeping patterns? The app will tell you how long you have slept which will be beneficial to you. They look good on your wrist too.

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9: Write your problems or worries on a piece of paper and make a goal of resolving them. Each time one problem gets resolved you will find it easier to come to terms with your worries as they fade away after each tick. This will not only help you sleep but also help you come to terms with your problems.

10: There are many books and audiobooks on the market that can help with sleep anxiety. Glenn Harrold is an author and hypnotherapist that has managed to help people with stress, addictions and sleep disorders. His audiobooks on how to fall asleep are available on eBay and Amazon.

11: Keep all your wifi related gadgets away from your bed at night. You may not realize but they can affect your sleep. So many of us are almost addicted to our smartphones and it’s not unusual to read a comment or post on Social Media where someone has stated that they can’t sleep so the first thing they do is reach for their phone which stimulates the brain. Blue Light is what’s emitted from your screens and is not helping you sleep at night so leave your gadgets alone. 

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If you are a smartphone addict and you can’t leave your phone alone before you go to bed, you should try a pair of Blue Light glasses to block out the nasty Blue Light from the phone? This will help eliminate those sleepless nights.

I hope these sleeping tips help with the big question: how to fall asleep at night? So many people are asking for advice and the natural way is the best option for your body than being prescribed sleeping medication. If you can’t sleep at all, seek medical advice but try a natural way first as this is better for you.

Check out our forthcoming article where we will be talking with hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold about how to combat stress and experience better sleep.


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