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Why Are Images Like This Obese Lady Becoming Widely Accepted?

An image of an obese lady in a mobility scooter is doing the rounds on social media.

obese lady

This image of an obese lady in a mobility scooter is getting mixed emotions but why is obesity now accepted as normal?

Someone has blatantly taken a picture of this obese lady in a mobility scooter without her knowing and posted it on social media. There are plenty more images like this circulating online as if it’s a new thing and we all know that obesity is a major problem in the US and also the UK now too,

obese lady eating

With the convenience of fast food and the increase in inactivity, there is a constant threat to our health from the consequences. How do we tackle the issues of becoming obese in our society today? Is it the fault of the food companies or a problem with the individual?

We think it’s a mixture of both and even various other issues that can make these people become so obese. The problem is many people are not even surprised at an exceptionally obese person anymore because it’s become so “normal” in society. Maybe the issue starts with overweight children?

The major issue for being this obese is the health problems physically and mentally. Comfort eating is definitely a cause for people being overweight and the fact that they will not exercise. Unless they do actually have a health issue that makes them gain weight far easier than anyone else, they will need to cut down on the calories and start exercising.

This obese lady doesn’t deserve to be mocked or made fun of but maybe some of these people do need a wake-up call to give them the scare that they need. Maybe you feel quite sorry for these people who are exceptionally overweight because I do and feel quite sad for them to be honest.

You can clearly see that this lady has either got so big that she needs a mobility scooter or maybe she was not as big as she is now before she was confined to a scooter because of other health issues.

Maybe we will never know the real reason why she has become obese but the fact that the person taking the photo was so blatant in making sure they had the image to spread across the internet is not helping this ongoing issue of obesity.

What do you think and do you feel that this person is just unfortunate or can this be prevented?

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