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Sex Addiction Is No Laughing Matter. It’s Just Like Any Other Addiction

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The World Health Organisation has recently stated that sex addiction is a very real problem for many people all over the world.

You have heard of addictions to drugs and alcohol but when you hear about people with sex addiction, you suddenly resist the urge to laugh.

For many, it’s not a laughing matter and has become a real problem just like a drug addiction would be.

Many people worldwide suffer from sex addiction which can stem from watching pornography, having a high libido and becoming a problem in a physical relationship.

Medical and psychological experts claim the addiction can stem from various underlying psychological issues and treatment can range from counselling to prescription drugs. Sex addiction can also affect women and men.

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Therapists have treated many cases over the years and claim the urges happen to people with a strong libido.

Some individuals have trouble with a normal healthy libido and experience similar issues for those affected, like those who have too much libido. 

Persistent patterns of sexual urges comprise a frequent urge to have sex, watch pornography and sleep with prostitutes.

Author and expert Robert Weiss have written a great book which details many aspects of being a sex addict.

He explains that many authoritative figures aren’t sex addicts but more about offending patterns and the craving for power and control.

How Many People Have A Sex Addiction?

There are so many people suffering a lifelong sex addiction so it’s hard to give an estimate on a figure but it’s in the hundreds of thousands, or maybe more worldwide.

Sex addiction is so common that many addicts don’t even realise they have a problem. The same is with heavy drinkers that do not admit they have a drinking problem.

The symptoms are not just about having sexual intercourse but pornography and sleeping with prostitutes as mentioned before.

Addicts claim watching pornography is escapism from other psychological issues that may affect the individual. 

Repetitive sexual impulses effects people in the extreme so don’t think you have a problem if you have sex over 3 – 5 times a week. It can be the constant thought of sex all day and every day.

Women who also suffer from this have the same urges of constantly wanting sex and the urges can cause so many issues. Women make up about 30% of the cases for sex addiction so it’s predominantly a male problem.

The damage that sex addiction has on relationships can be a massive problem for those involved which is why so many addicts seek treatment and therapy. Because those affected find it difficult to tell anyone makes the problems worse, and that’s another reason relationships suffer.

Therapy for sex addiction

How To Recover From Sex Addiction

People who suffer from sex addiction will have intimacy and attachment disorders. When confronted with a life problem, they will turn to sex and pornography.

They also associate this detachment from emotional intimacy with other addictions like gambling, shopping, drugs and alcohol. Rather than seek emotional support they turn to their addiction to escape.

The best advice is to find a therapist or counsellor so you can find out the root cause of this addiction. Finding what is causing the problem is a step in the right direction. For a cure, you need to talk to those that can help you without feeling ashamed.

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