snowflake meltdown fire extinguisher

snowflake meltdown throwing paper

This latest video shows an incident that happened in a classroom where you can see a kid who is overweight and wearing glasses having a snowflake meltdown over something that is worth getting in a spoilt spat over.

You can see the elderly teacher hovering over the snowflake kid and looking helpless. He is thinking: “boy, you need a f**king good hiding” but due to the stupid laws he is helpless so there is nothing he can do. The kid is throwing computers, paper and all sorts across the classroom.

After a few minutes of idiotic tantrums, another kid picks him up and throws him out into the hallway. You then see the kid re-enter the classroom and throw a fire extinguisher across the room.snowflake meltdown fire extinguisher

These millennial snowflake kids know they can pretty much get away with murder in this world today so they cause mayhem wherever they can. To be fair, not all kids born in this age are like this, only the spoilt ones. 

Parents who have given birth to this new breed of species are hopeless and need parenting lessons. The schools should have special classes available for parents to attend and learn how to deal with their children.

If the parents refuse to attend these classes, then they should be enrolled or face a fine. Kids like this snowflake idiot need to be told that the world does not evolve around them and that just because “Mummy & Daddy” let you do as you please and think the sun shines out of your a*** the rest of the world will not look at you in the same way.

This is the main reason these kids are having a snowflake meltdown, anxiety attacks, and rage issues. The parents have put them on a pedestal since they were born and they are not used to be told “NO”

snowflake meltdown kids carries him

“Meltdown Mike” featured in this video is a prime example and as you can see he is having a full-blown snowflake session in front of the class and teacher. He is suffering from his millennial anxiety attack or he is trying to seek attention. It looks likely that it is both issues molded into one massive act. 

The best solution for this community of millennials is to build massive warehouse-sized “Safe Spaces” in every city so they can be locked up to calm down. Once they are calmed down, then they can be let out of the safe space to take part in the mindful act of meditation.

Check out the video: