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These Life Advice Tips Are Essential For Dealing With Stress

We’ve cherry picked some of the best life advice available

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What would you want in life? Happiness is the goal for all of us but are we looking for happiness in the right places? Check out our life advice tips

So many people think possessing the best of material things is the ultimate key to living a happy life. To be free is one of the many factors but having the best of everything is not the most important element.

Being tied to the 24-hour working environment just to pay for all those shiny new objects which cost a fortune will not make you happy and is not good for your wellbeing. 

There are far happier people who understand the work/life balance and spend quality family time together than there is with people who are working.

Spending time together can make you much happier than material possessions. Those who find time to spend with family and friends felt much more upbeat and happier than those who can’t find the time. 

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How many times have you purchased a new car or gadget only to experience a Dopamine rush which seems to last a short time? We buy the car we always wanted and it gets cleaned every week for a month only to gather dirt and dust after the initial “5-minute wonder” period.

This rush of Dopamine can be addictive and is the same experience you get when taking a drug that gets you high. It’s very addictive and many people want the Dopamine hit all the time.

Going shopping can give this rush which is only short-lived so you are getting “quick fixes” to your moods. Those people that say “go and have a good shop” are not helping by giving you bad life advice.

Nature and exercise are also a fantastic solution to your low moods and is a very important contribution to your overall wellbeing.

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We lost the connection with nature in recent times and even finding the time to exercise, walking and immersing yourself in natural environments will improve your wellbeing. 

We have given you some wise words for you to take in which are featured below.
What would you want in life? Happiness is the goal for all of us but are we looking for happiness in the right places?

Try some following life advice if you are unhappy:

1: Smile more often as this releases Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, memory, social behavior, appetite, and sleep.

2: Love yourself regardless of what imperfections you may possess. If you are unhappy with yourself, then you will always be unhappy and that is where you will try to fill the void by shopping, eating and fixing it with artificial happy pills. 

We will never be perfect so get used to the idea. Even people that are pleasing to the eye have imperfections that they will be unhappy about. The human mind is never satisfied but you can work on the mind with simple techniques like this one.

Remember Smart girls always want to be pretty and pretty girls always want to be smart. You will never be satisfied.

3: Try to see the positive to everything you do and everyone you meet. Most of us will always pick out the negative things as it’s far easier and makes your own imperfections look good. You find those people you know who always point out the negative side of everything and everyone can be unhappy themselves.

Looking at the positive side first will make you much happier yourself. 

Negativity can sometimes give a positive effect when you use it to motivate you to make the situation positive so embrace the negative energy and turn it into positive energy.

4: Exercise when you can even it’s a 30-minute walk a day. Exercise is proven to lift moods and keeping you healthy and fit. To keep a regular level of fitness can release another happy chemical called Endorphins which help in fighting stress.

5: Spend time in natural environments. Nature has proven to help your wellbeing and recent studies have proven that Nature’s good for our wellbeing and health. Sunshine and fresh air are the best medicine for us and can help with mental health & moods.

6: Stop thinking the next new shiny object will make you happy. A new car that costs you the Earth will not make you happier than anyone else. It will give you a rush of excitement but that can be short-lived. Remember your car can go from one tonne of nice and shiny metal into one of the most deadly killing machines ever invented.

7: Your home is a place where you can live and share with the family that’s warm and dry. A house is something that’s lived in but also reflects your materialistic ego. Someone who has the latest designer interior is no happier than someone who has a home full of love, warmth and good energy.

The number of homeowners that live in a “show home”, are normally laden with debt and usually unhappier people and far more stressed because they will need to pay for it all.

8: Try not to worry about things. We all worry and it’s what makes us human, but it’s what we worry about that can cause no end of needless stress. How many times did you lay awake at night worrying about a situation that could happen but never does?

9: One of the best pieces of advice I had received was from a good friend of mine who stated: “Always live in the present moment, not the future and not the past. It’s named the Present because it’s a gift” This advice was followed by purchasing a book called The Present by Spencer Johnson.

10: Last of all remember that Happiness may be a state of mind but it’s also a choice. You can either be happy or unhappy. Some people are happy being miserable so try choosing happiness over unhappiness and you may find that life will be more enjoyable and less stressful (unless you enjoy being unhappy). 

Stress is inevitable, but it’s how we deal with it that makes the difference. I hope this life advice helps you.

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Check out some great positive quotes below.

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