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This Video Shows A Woman Riding A Horse Into A Miami Nightclub

riding a horse in a miami nightclub

Attention seeking Miami clubber rides a horse into Miami nightclub.

What would most normal people do to extravagantly make an entrance into a nightclub? Maybe you would wear something that stands out from the crowd? What about walking into the club doing some kind of amazing party trick to wow the clubbers?

The stupid woman from Miami decided to make an entrance riding a horse and her dramatic entrance didn’t go according to plan with a barrage of abuse on social media.

The Mokai Lounge was then shut down by the City of Miami Beach due to the issues of health and safety. Riding a horse into a nightclub is dangerous for the crowd and also for the horse.

It is surprising that there wasn’t a tragic accident and this incident could have taken a turn for the worse. Apparently, the rider of the horse was a member of staff but that doesn’t make this acceptable.

How did she get the authority to ride this horse into the nightclub? Is the management out of their minds?

The clubs license has been revoked because of this and it was obvious that it was a PR stunt that backfired for the rider and also the club. They must have thought that this stunt would have gone very wrong and thought about the implications.

The police stated in a tweet that the horse was in good shape and unharmed. The horse rider was then subjected to a barrage of abuse on social media which was highly deserved.

Just remember to think before you do something that attracts attention. Riding a horse into a crowd of people in a nightclub is destined to go very wrong. This woman was lucky that nobody was hurt and the horse was unharmed.

Maybe she will learn her lesson after all the online abuse and think before she has the next stupid idea to attract attention to her and the nightclub.

Watch the video:

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