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Throwing Vans Is The Latest Viral Trend Sweeping The Internet

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another stupid craze there is this one…

Throwing Vans shoes

The recent videos of people throwing Vans are sweeping the internet and at least it’s not as crazy as eating Tide pods or boiling tampons to get high.

That was really stupid and we all thought the kids had gone insane. A year later and boiling tampons to get high was another weird and insane craze. Fast forward to today and we have just found the latest viral video craze – throwing Vans.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions. This craze does not consist of super-human kids lifting Vans (of the vehicle type) and throwing them at each other. We talking about the footwear variety from the well-known brand.

Throwing Vans Kids

The videos circulating the internet feature kids (and some adults) filming themselves throwing pairs of Vans across the floor. Some are throwing them in pairs and others are throwing just one.

We have come to the conclusion that throwing Vans is just another crazy way of getting a viral video but is it really that interesting?

The hashtag #vans is currently trending on Twitter and videos are popping up all over the social media platform. The videos of people throwing vans have gone crazy.

After Throwing Vans What Will Be The Next Craze?

Who knows? We just hope it’s not a stupid craze like the Tide pods and Boiling Tampons trend that was going viral on social media in recent years.

The throwing Vans trend is a little stupid but at least it’s not life-threatening. To be fair it’s quite possibly more sane than the previous insane trends that went viral.

All the time we have the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we will witness stupid people doing stupid things which is entertainment for most of us. Without these idiots, there will be no entertainment available for the majority of us with brains LOL.

On a serious note, this recent trend is harmless so let’s hope the kids stay safe and continue to entertain the rest of us with viral videos where they are not causing harm to others or themselves.

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