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Veteran With Service Dog Gets Severe Abuse In Restaurant

Woman Needs Anger Management After This Outburst



A video has just emerged online of a veteran with service dog having abuse thrown at him for eating in a Restaurant with his family.

The vile woman is seen hurling abuse at the veteran with a service dog and his family because they have the dog with them. Her argument is that the dog should not be allowed in the restaurant where people eat and that it’s ‘disgusting’.

You can hear various outbursts from both sides of the argument and the family mention that he “fought for his country so why can’t he be able to bring his dog into the restaurant?”.

The abusive woman then mentions that her husband also fought for his country but she still complains that a dog in the restaurant is ‘nasty to me’.

Both sides are trying to calm the situation but the abusive woman is still ranting off about the dog being in the restaurant. The argument then gets very heated with words like ‘wh**re and b**ch being thrown around all over the place.



The woman then goes on to keep saying that she thinks it’s gross even though the veteran is reliant on the service dog.

What is the law on a veteran with service dog?

What this woman fails to recognize is that these dogs are allowed in most public places under the Americans with Disabilities Act and even though the disability is invisible, it’s a mental illness and he is able to enter any public place under this law. There are loopholes within this law and you can easily buy an ID card so you can take your dog anywhere with no verification.

Unfortunately, there are some people taking advantage of this law which makes it bad for those that genuinely need a service dog like this veteran.

Just because many people are taking advantage of this relaxed law that doesn’t mean that this particular veteran is taking advantage of bringing his dog into a restaurant. Many veterans have returned from the theatre of war with many mental scars and this woman needs to realize that this guy may have a mental illness from war even though her husband may not.

She seems to be very uncaring towards him and maybe she should have vacated the restaurant and gone somewhere else instead?


Even though many people are trying to take advantage of this law and making their dog a ‘service dog’ there are still complications unless you have a disability. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) clearly states that the dog needs to be trained to be able to support an owner with a disability whether physical or mentally.

So next time you see a veteran with a service dog please do remember that it’s more than likely a genuine case where he needs the support of the dog due to his mental illness. This woman in the video needs to do her research before she rants off at another person with a support dog in case they have a mental illness.

Check out the video below




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