Angry Mob In NYC Store Scream At Woman With No Face Mask

Angry Mob Scream At Woman For Not Wearing A Face Mask

An angry mob in an NYC store at Staten Island screams at a woman for not wearing a face mask.

The video which is going viral on Facebook clearly shows a very angry mob of shoppers shouting at the lady for not wearing a face mask.

They shout “get out. get out” while the last is looking quite startled and distressed. There are also some offensive words being thrown about like “Dirty-a** Pig” which is a bit too harsh.

The ironic part of the video is that the guy shouting the offensive words was seen pulling down his mask while shouting the offensive words.

Are we becoming too paranoid?

Fear can be a very strange and confusing emotion and can make people react in a confused manner. The fact that some are having after her defeats the object. Shouldn’t they be running away from her?

We also understand that mask-wearing can only protect others from those that are wearing the masks. Surely she should be protected from those wearing the masks which means that those shouting at her have no reason to be angry.

The laws about wearing a face mask out in public do vary from country to country. There is little evidence to say that wearing a mask will protect you from Coronavirus but it will reduce the risk of contagion.

Face masks do play an important role in places like hospitals and if the person wearing a mask has symptoms so in a way they are a preventive measure.

The WHO mentions that face masks are not a replacement for other preventive measures such as hand hygiene and social distancing. They also say that wearing a mask in public can only be a preventive measure when social distancing and washing hands.

It certainly looks like these angry shoppers in Statin Island, New York need some education on contagion and mask-wearing.

If these people in the store are all ill then they should be self-isolating rather than shopping in a store and shouting offensive language at those that are not in any general need of wearing a mask. If she was ill with the virus then she should be wearing a face mask.

The video just highlights how crazy this situation is getting and that many people need some education and also need to calm down. Wearing a face mask will not stop you from catching the virus, it will only stop you from spreading it.

Check out the video below:

For important information on face masks please see the link below.






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