AI Interviewing: The Future Of Talent Discovery

AI Interviewing

AI interviewing is the next stage of this ongoing development of artificial intelligence.

In today’s fast-paced hiring landscape, the traditional in-person job interview is becoming a thing of the past.

Companies are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and automated video interviewing platforms, known as AI video interview platforms, to streamline the recruitment process.

At the forefront of this technological shift is HireVue, a company that has pioneered the use of AI video interview platforms for video interviewing and assessments.

HireVue’s AI video interview platform allows employers to conduct pre-recorded video interviews with job candidates, eliminating the need for initial in-person screening rounds.

Candidates record their responses to a set of predetermined questions, and HireVue’s AI algorithms analyze facial expressions, word choice, and other factors to assess the candidate’s competencies, skills, and overall fit for the role.


One of the key advantages of AI video interview platforms like HireVue’s approach is its efficiency.

Rather than scheduling multiple in-person interviews, hiring managers can review a large pool of candidates quickly and objectively using the AI-powered assessments. This not only saves time and resources but also reduces the potential for unconscious bias that can creep into human-led interviews.

However, the rise of AI video interview platforms has raised concerns about privacy, fairness, and the potential for discrimination.

Critics argue that AI algorithms can perpetuate biases based on factors such as race, gender, or age, leading to unfair hiring decisions.

There are also concerns about the accuracy and transparency of the algorithms used by HireVue and similar platforms.

Despite these concerns, HireVue’s AI video interview platform has gained widespread adoption among major corporations and organizations across various industries.

Companies like Unilever, Hilton, and Delta Air Lines have all partnered with HireVue, citing improved efficiency, reduced costs, and access to a broader pool of candidates as key benefits.

As AI continues to advance and play a larger role in the hiring process, it is crucial for companies to carefully consider the ethical implications and ensure that these technologies like AI video interview platforms are deployed in a fair and transparent manner.

While HireVue and other AI interviewing platforms offer promising solutions for streamlining recruitment, they should not entirely replace human involvement and judgment in the hiring process.

Ultimately, the future of hiring may lie in a balanced approach that combines the efficiency and objectivity of AI video interview platforms with the nuanced assessment capabilities of human recruiters and hiring managers.

As with any disruptive technology, it is essential to embrace innovation while addressing potential pitfalls and maintaining a focus on ethical and equitable practices.

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