Failing To Produce Your Driving License Will Get You Arrested As This Lady Found Out!

people-vs-battle-police People vs Battle was mentioned by this lady in a viral video that has been circulating on social media for a few years now. What does it mean?

The video.

A video on Facebook has gone viral which features a woman from Henry County that was pulled over by police for a faulty tail light. The woman then refused to hand over her driving license because she had not committed a crime and stated ‘People vs Battle’ on various occasions. People vs Battle is a 40-year-old ruling in California which means that a traffic infraction is not a crime. This incident happened last year but the video has only just been circulating on Social Media. The video shows the woman refusing to hand over her driving license and the cops get very impatient towards the end and call for backup. people-vs-battle-1 Once backup arrives, one of the cops decides to smash the driver’s window after several warnings. The woman screams loudly ‘I have glass in my eyes’ and is then dragged out of the car to be arrested. The video then ends abruptly leaving the viewer on a cliffhanger. people-vs-battle-window-smash The woman was then taken to the hospital to see if she had any damage to the eyes or broken bones while being dragged out of the car. She was then taken to the county jail once she had been checked over at the hospital. The police were acting within the law so not one officer had been questioned over the incident. All of this chaos seems a bit extreme over a faulty tail light and it shows that the police can be a little heavy-handed at times. I guess it would have been much easier for the woman to hand over her license and there would never have been any dramatic arrest or smashing of driver windows. It all makes intense viewing though so thankfully she managed to keep the film rolling.

So, do you have to produce your driving license to the police on request?

The answer is no unless you have committed a crime and the police are under reasonable suspicion that you have done so. The police can ask for your driving license at immigration enforcement checkpoints or sobriety checkpoints where officers are randomly set up on roads to stop vehicles and check for drunk drivers, impaired drivers, and anything else that gives them the right to stop you. So unless you are not a criminal then you can resist showing your license. The faulty tail light is a tricky one as she was driving with a faulty light so the police had a good reason to pull her over. Asking for her license is another story and did she think that shouting “people vs battle’ constantly would make any difference?
(please note:  you should never resist handing over your driving license at any time)
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  1. You are wrong, you must show ID to law enforcement during traffic stop if you are the driver responsible for the infraction. You have to show the law enforcement you HAVE your Driver’s license to show proof as it is an infraction not to have it while driving even if you are not suspended etc..also for the fact that they have to run your identification to confirm for officer safety reasons such as warrants etc. So please check your facts.

    • False, you are require to have a form of ID, not a DL. You can drive without a physical DL copy only if you have your DL number memorized to give them so they can run your info.

      • Not true, most counties in most states require you to carry your driver’s license if you are operating a motor vehicle…. False information like this story and Gary’s comment lead to morons like this… No such thing as a sovereign citizen.

  2. She’s an idiot and glad she went to jail. One less moron out on the street. And next time maybe she’ll hand over her licence.

  3. Despite what the author and the female idiot behind the wheel have to say, All states require anyone operating a motor vehicle to be licensed. By law, you are required to produce that license if asked by an officer while you are driving and stopped by said officer. Otherwise, ANY idiot could drive anything at any time. All of this information is in your state’s drivers manual and on the test you take to qualify for that license. If you fail to comply you can be arrested for any of several charges from misdemeanors, and escalating into felonies. The idiot driver wanted to create a problem situation from the start. She gets NO sympathy from me and I’m sure none from the officers or the court. You get what you ask for.

  4. Your article suggests an opinion that is only your own opinion and not that of the majority. Driving a car is a privelege, not a right, and that privelege is granted by the state. Obtaining a drivers license from the state means you will abide by the rules of that state. You are giving really bad advice.

  5. if her break lights are out which is a traffic enfraction, doesn’t the officer need her license to give her a ticket?

    • I would have thought so,why didn’t she just give it to them,noone said she committed a crime,and 9 out of 10 times they’ll just give you a warning,whats was the big deal someone else looking for 10 min of fame.i guess this is the new era where no one has to do anything they don’t want to,such a sad world my grand kids are coming into

  6. If the officer intended to ticket her for this minor infraction, how is supposed to do so without seeing her license? Isn’t the reason we have a driver license to prove that we have passed a driving test and are legal to drive? The dimwit should have simply shown her license. Cops get enough crap from stupid people all day, and I can understand why they don’t have time for this kind of garbage until she turned it into an issue. But then again, California is notorious for stupid people.

  7. She was going to get a citation for her tail light. Why not give him the license so he can write it and be on your way? She did that stuff to herself.

  8. The information in your article in not valid or backed by any legal truth. Every state in the country requires a license to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. When a traffic stop is initiated you are required to show proof of license to comply with the law. Passengers in vehicles do not have to provide identification unless suspected of a crime but the operator of the vehicle does in fact have a legal requirement to possess and provide upon request proof of permit to operate a motor vehicle. Stupidity in media, including your inaccurate and inflammatory article continue to feed bad information to the public.

    • You sir are completely wrong. You should read the us constitution specifically the travel ban Claus aka the freedom of movement clause. Which clearly states that ” no state shall issue a licence and charge a fee to travel “

      • You sir have no clue what you are talking about. The “freedom of movement” has nothing to do with driving. Driving is a privilege. NOT a right. So YES. You ARE required to produce a valid driver’s license when operating a motor vehicle. Try again “Billy Badass”. Holy Christ you streetcorner wannabe attorneys need to actually take a course in law before attempting to speak on it.

      • But we do pay fees to drive. We pay insurance, registration and inspections . Plus turnpikes charge tolls for roads. So no matter what you are being charged to drive.

    • No. The articles right they have to have a reason to pull you over they cant just stop you for fun, if they have a reason you must cooperate. Dont rant about someone else being wrong until you look into it plz.

      • You are wrong. They had a valid reason. Her vehicle didnt have brake lights and it is a safety issue for her and other drivers. The lady in the video has been watching too much Facebook and wanted some attention. Just stupid. Without her license, how can he verify her name to put it in the ticket? Use some common sense.

        • Maybe she thought that she was invincible because she can state ‘People vs Battle’ constantly…. It didn’t work though!

    • Thank you James! I just could not swallow that garbage about not having to show your license.

    • I love it when people, and some media bloggers, think they know the law. In my State, Tennessee, driving is a privilege, NOT a Right. You APPLY for a license. Take a road test, and…a book test. You AGREE to abide by the contract that You make between You and The State. One MAJOR part of that agreement, is that you will voluntarily provide a copy of your DL, upon request by a Uniformed Officer, when operating on our roadways. There is no gray area here folks. No “Sovereign Citizen” b.s. will suffice. No citing of some obscure case law, will excuse the consequences of being a “Know it all” dumbazz. Waterboard people like this motorist! Cite them with suspicion of polluting the gene pool with their DNA.

      • Maryland driving is a privilege

    • Good going this is exactly what I would have said! Plus he will need her license to give her a tick.e.g. even if it was just a fix it ticket!

    • Thank you I thought so

  9. What an ignorant woman… Wow just dumb and she thinks that she is in the right. Society… We have a serious problem.

  10. She is what is wrong with some people who think they don’t have to oblige when Law enforcement asks for license and registration! And all her mumbo jumbo about corpus delecti and vs Battle….where did that get her? #dumb #justgiveemyourlicense

    • I think she was watching leagaly blonde lol

    • You’ll make a great communist one day and that day is fast approaching , the FACT of the matter is that she was absolutely correct , traffic offences are NOT crimes. You should educate yourself and conduct yourself as a true American and respect what’s been givin to you by blood. Read the us constitution which trumps ALL states laws specifically the travel ban which clearly states that ” no state shall issue a license and charge a fee to travel ” it’s also referred to as the freedom of movement.

      • Billy, she was operating a motor vehicle, not just riding in one. A license IS required to operate a motor vehicle. Oh, and that motor vehicle IS require to have functional brake lights. You can travel anywhere you want without a license unless you are operating a vehicle. Do you believe pilots should be able to operate aircrafts without a license to operate them?

      • Having a driver license is a privilege, not a right. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Driving without a valid license is against the law. We have the license to show that we understand and promise to abide by the traffic laws, understand the violations, infractions, and consequences, and moreover what’s expected in maintaining your vehicle. Operating any machinery that requires training without valid proof of required training is not only dangerous, but also considered trespassing, which is against the law. Just because no one was injured doesn’t make it legal, or ok. Here’s a practical way of looking at it. No tail lights, failed inspection. No valid inspection, driving your vehicle illegally. The whole point of an inspection is to validate that you’re operating a safe machine. If it’s not safe, then you are subject to crimes regarding gross negligence if anything should happen, or involuntary manslaughter. If the break-lights don’t work, chances are the turn signals don’t work. If your turn signals don’t work and you fail to use your turn signal when changing lanes, or turning, then you are committing a traffic violation as well. So, double trouble! You don’t have to be committing criminal activity to have your license checked, suspended or revoked permanently. You only have to be a repeat offender of idiocy, incompetency, irresponsibility, and lack of respect for others around you who are also operating 1 ton – 6 ton weapons on wheels. If you can’t be legal, respectful, trustworthy, responsible…you shouldn’t be on the road. I sure as hell don’t want you driving around me or my kids, who are learning how not to be this lady.
        She deserved every bit of what happened to her. If she can’t be trusted with break-lights, how are we going to trust her with something more important?

      • So how are “Toll Roads” legal? They charge you to travel

      • Your name should be Billy Dumbass

      • WoW you are so incredibly ignorant! Just shut up already so less people will know!

  11. This is ridiculous. If the woman had nothing to hide, she could have concluded this matter simply by cooperating which is part of being a good citizen. The officers are not heavy handed. They deal with many unspeakable crimes regularly and refusing to cooperate is an indicator that a greater crime could be in progress. People need to get over being ridiculous and cooperate with the law enforcement who are there to protect and serve.

  12. Inspite of People Vs Battle, every bona-fide LEA internal policy is to ask for your driver’s license, incidentally to whatever initial probal cause there maybe. Disorderly conduct, raising or causing undue suspicions and resisting arrest is ironically the crime here.

    • Lets not forget a ruling from a state court is only valid in that state. And as it was not the Supreme Court above all other courts including state courts the ruling she is citing has no legal baring as she was not in California.

  13. This kind of false information is causing people more problems. If you are pulled over you should do what the officer ask and then if there is a problem with his conduct you can take it back up later in legal matter.

  14. From

    If you are driving and are stopped by police, you must provide a drivers license.

    And although California law generally requires that officers release people who are cited for misdemeanors, rather than taking them to jail, it makes an exception if the person cannot provide satisfactory identification. If officers are actually trying to write you a misdemeanor citation, you may have to provide identification or face arrest for the misdemeanor offense.”

    If she was the passenger, she would not have to show her ID.

  15. from

    Not only are California drivers required to maintain valid driver’s licenses, drivers must physically carry their driver’s license with them any time they are driving and must provide this upon demand of a law enforcement officer. Under California Vehicle Code Section 12951 VC, failing to present a driver’s license is against the law.

    Not sure what state she was in but I am sure all states have a similar statute on their books

  16. um, if you’re behind that wheel, you had best have a driver’s license and be able to produce it on demand. the whole situation was handled very badly starting with the driver. had she produced the license when asked and been nicer about it, even apologetic, maybe, just maybe she would’ve gotten off with a warning. but she chose to be combative. and look where it got her.

  17. This is our new kind of stupid in America! Thank you media for leading the way on this kind of ignorance!

  18. No, you have to show drivers license for officer to write a ticket for taillights/prove you are legally able to be driving a vehicle.

  19. You guys are wrong. You DO need to provide a drivers license if you are operating a vehicle. Driving is not a right its a licensed permission. You have to prove that you are legally allowed to drive.

  20. I know people who work immigration check points and they also can’t force you to produce I.D. unless a crime is suspected. It’s one reason they have the dogs to sniff for drugs or hidden humans. In fact you can respectfully refuse to answer any of their questions, but they do have the ability to detain you at the checkpoint while they “try” to decide if you are a “danger”. So if you don’t mind sitting in your vehicle for an hour or so by all means “stand your ground”.

  21. From my attorney friend…

    “I LOVE people like this lady. Folks who are so confident they are right yet have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Let’s count all the errors:
    1. People vs. Battle (50 Cal.App.3d Supp. 1 (1975)) is a case from the California Court of Appeals. You live in Georgia. A holding by a court in California has no binding or mandatory authority over a court in Georgia, let alone over Georgia state or local laws.
    2. While traffic violations may not be “crimes”, all that really means is the case will not be tried in a criminal court. Most traffic violations are tried in civil or justice courts.
    3. “Where’s the corpus delicti?” It’s your brake lights, you dummy. Further, corpus delicti just means you can’t be *convicted* of a crime without evidence that a crime was committed. You weren’t being convicted here. You were just being dumb.
    4. “Is there an injured party?” This presupposes an infraction must harm a party to be actionable. A DUI doesn’t harm anyone unless there is a crash, but it’s still a crime.
    5. “According to Black’s Law Dictionary” BLD has neither mandatory nor persuasive value and is not a source of law. You cannot cite it like you cite established case or statutory law.
    6. You keep talking about People vs. Battle. I do not think it means what you think it means.
    7. What’s really funny is, at this point, this idiot thinks this is going her way.
    8. “Unless there is no crime, I do not have to identify myself”. Wrong. Georgia, where you’re at, requires you to provide ID upon officer request.
    9. At this point, the officers are putting on their gloves and I’m not sure she realizes what’s coming.
    10. “They’re attempting to break my windows!” No, sweetie, they’re successfully doing that.
    11. She’s like 5 seconds away from declaring herself as a freeperson on the land and declaring admiralty law.
    12. Hahahahahahahahaha.
    13. “OMG I GOT GLASS IN MY EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYES” This is going on my tombstone.
    14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Get rekt u.”

  22. If you are driving a car on the highway.How can it be that you do not have to show your driver’s license ? It was a routine traffic stop for a taillight .You are required by law to show your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.Im no attny but if you do not have your driver’s license you can be cited for that. How are they to make sure you are an eligable driver or if you are driving under suspension or you have a warrant .I could go on . If you are driving a motor vehicle on the road you have to show your driver’s license.What is so tricky about that. Now if I’m walking down the street that’s a different story but it’s stupid to refuse.She put herself and every officer in danger. The highway is no place to mess around. Especially with all these morons with cellphones not paying attention to what they are doing.This generation thinks they are so intelligent because they can Google anything. There’s a reason why law students read a minimum of a thousand pages a night.Its so they can correctly interpret the law.

  23. Whoever wrote this article is part of the problem….. failure to provide identification is reasonable cause for the police to conclude that you are trying to hide something like you have a warrant for your arrest or worse!! I’ve been pulled over many, many times, and always answer with yes sir and no sir and you show them respect, they akways have shown me respect, it goes both ways people. When you are stopped on the side of the road by police is no time to play lawyer or judge!!!!

    • Another idiot chimes in. Please stop posting because you know NOTHING.

  24. That’s false.
    On a traffic stop one must show their license and insurance upon request by the Officer. One can’t refuse.

  25. Please don’t listen to the idiot author of this article. If you do rest assured that you will end up with a broken window and in handcuffs just be a responsible citizen land ha d over your license, registration andProod on Insurence. You are much more likely to leave with a warning rather than handcuffs

  26. Thanks for all your comments. It’s interesting for sure as some are agreeing that you do not and others are saying that you do. We guess it’s down to what State you are in which makes it even more confusing.
    We will have another article about this coming soon which will have the facts about producing driving licenses in the US.

    • Nope, not up for debate unless you’re a blogger moron. You must show your ID if suspected of a violation or crime while using public streets. Regardless of what state. Those agreeing with you are sovereign citizen morons. Those disagreeing with you are correct about the law. See the difference?

    • Sorry Wotdaheldat.. but most everyone here is calling you an irresponsible idiot and your publication part of the problem. The only time you do not have to show ID is if you are a passenger, and then if they suspect a crime you are wise to comply if they say so. Driving is not a right.. it is a privilege and you get that privilege by taking an exam and get a permit giving you permission to drive. The Constitutional right you refer to is to travel that means walk or not use public paid for pathways such as roads, but to drive a car on a public road is not a right and if you are stopped you must produce proof you have the governmental permission to use such road.

      • Missed the T there.

  27. I don’t understand why so many people ascribe to the Sovereign Citizen bullshit when it has literally NEVER worked, ever. There is not one time where someone said “you can’t arrest me because I’m a sovereign citizen” and the cop was like “oh, shit, I had no idea, on your way!” The SC movement is also full of shit because they refuse to comply with the law but love to use the courts to sue everyone. So the law applies when you get to sue, but doesn’t apply if you do anything wrong?

  28. she is a bitch the cops should have tazed her smart ass,

  29. This is why people get shot. If you have done nothing wrong, there should be no reason to pull this “internet lawyer ” bull $#!7. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  30. actually the whole drivers license th8ng is a statute not a law. the law says unless you are in a comercial vehicle being used For Commerce you dont even have to have a license. And traveling on the highway is not a privilege it is a right. And yes it was extreme when I’m sure I would have shown my license but the lady was actually right. If there is no crime there was no reason for her to be stopped in the first place. And a small traffic infraction is not a crime. Don’t those cops have better things to do than pick on some girl with a freaking light out. Not only what I’m they be responsible for her window but the right attorney I would take everything they got. When police officers became law enforcement instead of being public servants it change the game. They are no longer here to help us every time they make a stop their job is to make an arrest and if you don’t believe that please ask one I know several and that is their job drain you dry theyre bottom feeders

  31. And they did have a reason. Having a brake light out IS a traffic VIOLATION. All you idiots giving this girl a pass are completely ignorant when it comes to the law yet you all think you are lawyers. It doesn’t matter what state you are in, it’s the same in every single one when it comes to that.

  32. I would like to know what the outcome was when she had to go to court. What did the judge have to say about her being an idiot? Give the end result now the you’ve peaked my interest with this dramatic video!

    • We are trying to find out the outcome other than she was thrown in jail. Keep checking our facebook page as we will have an update on there soon.

  33. Just another asshole with a camera who wants to give law enforcement officials a hard time. Now I don’t know if she back, but if so, then it is clearly an attempt to start a racial fight. When you are stopped by a LEO, you are required to produce your license upon request. She was MOST DEFINITELY only going to gwt a written defect card asking her to fix her lights! DUMB-ASS

  34. The problem with interpreting the “Freedom of Movement clause” of the constitution, with the “Right to Travel” is that stupid people think police have no authority to stop them for mechanical failures or traffic infractions. Sorry to tell them, you’re wrong!

  35. The place to argue this is NOT when they are there asking for it. He gave her several chances. Show him the id take the evidence to court. That is the proper venue to argue case law and violations of the law on either side.

  36. You are WRONG. ALL STARES FOLLOW A COMPACT AGREEMENT ON TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS. A traffic violation whether walking, riding a bicycle or driving a motor vehicle requires the person to stop and provide identification. No, I don’t have to, no court decisions, no calling my lawyer, no get your supervisor. Produce ID, or be arrested. End of story. There is way to much noncompliance because a person just wants to spout off about free movement. If you live in the United States these are the rules

  37. They DO NOT need your DL to write a ticket. If that was true how do you get parking tickets or tickets in the mail for toll infractions, red light violations etc

    • Did you here the lady it wasn’t even her car. Your argument is that the vehicle gets the ticket. Well, that’s cool as long as the driver OWNS the vehicle.

  38. Oh that glass will be turning up forever more no matter how many times you hoover out. Silly cow got what she deserved.
    Respect is sadly missing in our world of hate and human rights shit.
    Give her 7 days in Prison to have a think

  39. What a stupid, ignorant, retarded, uneducated, illiterate nutball !!! Wtf ! Cops have enough of this bullshit from all these young dumb ass black guys that they end up in shootings with over and over ..Someone needs to smack her back to reality lol … Fucking stupid b–ch lol

  40. Can’t you run the license plate and come up with the name of the registered owner?, Then give this person the fix it ticket or mail it, done . All that DRAMA un called for, there are ways around such DUMB SHIT. IT’S A FREAKING FIX IT TICKET OH MY GOD.

  41. In what state are you not required to show proof of license while driving a vehicle?? Show me where I can get in a car drive and have NO PROOF or provide no proof I’m legally able to operate that vehicle. I’m throwing the BS flag up on this article.

  42. This article entirely misrepresents simple facts. You are ALWAYS required by law to present your driver license to an officer when stopped while driving. Whether or not an officer is justified in pulling you over is irrelevant, it is commonplace and they get away with it, but a broken tail light is good reason to be stopped. This is part of the privilege of driving. Passengers on the other hand DO NOT need to show ID unless there is probable cause for a crime being committed. Please update your article to make this clear

  43. For all of you that think the Constitution allows freedom of travel, in an automobile, on public roadways, without a license, here’s the relevant clauses from the case law, upheld by the Supreme Court:

    ““The right of a citizen to travel upon the public highway and to transport his property thereon, by horsedrawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but a common right which he has under his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    ** HOWEVER **
    (there’s more…)
    Thompson v. Smith, 155 Va. 367 — Va: Supreme Court 1930:

    “The exercise of such a common right the city may, under its police power, regulate in the interest of the public safety and welfare; but it may not arbitrarily or unreasonably prohibit or restrict it, nor may it permit one to exercise it and refuse to permit another of like qualifications, under like conditions and circumstances, to exercise it.”

    “The regulation of the exercise of the right to drive a private automobile on the streets of the city may be accomplished in part by the city by granting, refusing, and revoking, under rules of general application, permits to drive an automobile on its streets; but such permits may not be arbitrarily refused or revoked, or permitted to be held by some and refused to other of like qualifications, under like circumstances and conditions.”

    ++ Key word = REGULATE

    • EXACTLY !! And in virtually every State “regulation” includes :
      1) The obligation to have an appropriate license.
      2) The obligation to produce it upon demand.

  44. BoulderRepublican is an idiot. Use newer case law rookie. You also might want to quit making up law. Just because you put it in quotes does not make it law.

    The U.S. Supreme Court also dealt with the right to travel in the case of Saenz v. Roe, 526 U.S. 489 (1999). In that case, Justice John Paul Stevens, writing for the majority, held that the United States Constitution protected three separate aspects of the right to travel among the states: the right to enter one state and leave another, the right to be treated as a welcome visitor rather than a hostile stranger (protected by the “privileges and immunities” clause in Article IV, § 2), and (for those who become permanent residents of a state) the right to be treated equally to native born citizens (this is protected by the 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause).

  45. In virtually every State in the US a statutory condition of granting a license is the obligation to produce it on demand. As far as I know only Connecticut, Iowa, North Carolina and Oregon do not have “produce on demand” statutory obligations (sic).

    Many states (22 as far as I know) do permit “subsequent production” (e.g. within 48 hours) for “failure to produce on demand” – but many of those States charge the person a fee for doing so.

    Failing to produce on demand (when obligated), allows the LEO to ascertain the identity of the driver. Preventing an officer in lawfully attempting to ascertain the identity of the driver is then obstruction of justice – thus permitting lawful arrest.

  46. Driving an automobile is considered a privilege in all 50 states, not a right. This allows for the state the right to ask for and take the drivers license and to remove the vehicle from the road or highway by towing it to a safe and protected impound until the problems are resolved. It allows the judge to be able to suspend or remove the licence when violations accrue to the point where the driver is considered unsafe or unfit to drive. That includes unkept or unsafe automobiles or violation of state insurance regulations. In this case, somebody just felt she was above the law and wanted to test it.

  47. Try this in Texas. You are giving out bad information. A traffic violation in Texas is a crime. When the Police stop you, you are considered under arrest and MUST show proper ID. The citation is some what like bail, stating you will appear at a court of law or pay the fine.

  48. The officer stopped her because her STOP LIGHTS WERE NOT WORKING, meaning “you” could have rearended her at the next stop light….costing you big bucks on her “whip lash” complaint. She admits the car was NOT HERS,…parents, reported stolen, who was owner of the car? Because they would have simply given her a warning to let her know her break tail LIGHTS need to be fixed. SAFETY REASON.
    I hope they threw they book at her for trying to play lawyer, tying up 4 police officers, and just totally uncalled for RUDE, BAD BEHAVIOR.

  49. I live in the UK so don’t know to much about USA road laws.
    In the UK if asked by police to produce your driving licence you have to hand it over.
    I just don’t get why some people cause themselves such a fuss. If you haven’t broken the law there is nothing to worry about, just show them your licence jeez.

    • Pixie….not true…in the UK you do not have to carry your license, if stopped and you cannot show your license the Police will give you a ‘producer’ which gives you 7 days to take it to a Police Station of your choice…however, these days all your drtails are available to the Police from within their car, so if you can show another form of photographic ID they may, repeat may, accept it based on the information they hold on you….remember, when being stopped the Police already know…who the vehicle is registered too…if it’s insured…if it has an MOT….and if the owner has a full, current license.

  50. is that simple… police officers are going to enforce for you to show your driver’s license because if this will go on check everybody in California will apply it and that will be chaos…

  51. A further point, what if she wasn’t licensed? Then that’ll be a road offense, the police need to enforce road laws. In Australia you must carry your license at all times, if a police officer asks to see your license, you must produce it or bear a fine & need to produce it at a police station within a certain time.
    That’s keeping the road safe people.
    If you haven’t broken any laws you have nothing to worry about.

  52. What did this woman think she was going to do by refusing to provide proof of liscence? Did she think the police would go away? Dumb just plain dumb.

  53. In Australia its the same. Driving is a privilege not a right. Traffic infractions are law, amd it is also law that you produce ID when a poloce asks for it whether you committed a crime or not. They are there to serve and protect amd sometimes need to identity persons. This was true nefore 911, amd is when more justifiably today. This woman has seen
    Too many utube videos and believes too much of what she reads on the imternet. I would call this grounds that she is susceptible to radicalization and deport her to the nearest remote island on rations of bread and water, just to be sure

  54. This is why california is not like the rest of us Mexico please take California for you very own

  55. You Do Not have to show ID in a state that is not a stop and ID. People assume they know sometimes.

  56. I was pulled over in Odessa Texas. I was in a brand new rental car. The car had all the paperwork and the temporary registration on it. I produce my license. But I received a ticket for not having a license plate on the car. What a load of crap that was. It was a rental car. Needless to say they were overstepping bounds on giving me a ticket on a car that was a rental.

  57. You have already stated she was not breaking any laws and you have stated in this report that under our laws she did not have to legally produce her drivers license RIGHT? So explain yourselves in your note that states you should always hand over your drivers license. It makes no since at all. If your going to make contradictory statements then you should really keep your mouths shut. This is hilarious as well as RIDICULOUS and if this was my web site or part of my business I’d hold my head between my legs in total and complete ignorance. The law states you either must show it on demand or you do not. So which is it? I know do you after all this crap you’ve written? Shameful idiots. What are you liberal democrats?

  58. Cops suck they are all corrupt and think you’re above the law sued and won millions of that

  59. So what happened to this lady in court?

  60. What’s the best way you or someone you know has gotten out of a ticket with the law?

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