Police In Oregon Warn Citizens Not To Call 911 When They Run Out Of Toilet Paper

Police in Oregon has been warning citizens not to call 911 because they have run out of toilet paper.

An official Facebook message was released recently from the Oregon police department due to the number of calls that are swamping the system. The message “Do not call 911because you have run out of toilet paper. You will survive without our assistance” was published on the Facebook page recently.

Newport police have also warned that there is a shortage and people need to calm down over this obsession. In all honestly, you can survive without wiping your backside with luxury paper as half of the world does anyway.

toilet paper Oregon police department

They have offered tips and advice on what to do if you can’t find any toilet roll in the stores. Their advice is to use torn newspapers or magazines, cotton balls or grocery store receipts.

Due to the current wave of isolation, there has been a massive influx of entertainment on social media over the stupidity of many people.

Memes are circulating throughout social media over the obsession of toilet paper. What brings these people to go through great lengths to hoard toilet paper?

Anyway, this story is going around social media like a virus. Some news outlets are twisting the story slightly to say the Oregon police department is asking people to stop calling 911 over lack of toilet paper.

This is inaccurate and the correct warning was to advise people to not call 911 over the lack of toilet paper.

Just one more snippet of advice folks – if you are looking to hoard supplies then think of other people.

The food will not stop overnight and supplies will continue to filter through as normal. This is not the end of the world so STOP IT!

So, if you are one of those cranks hoarding then think about why you are doing it and stop being so stupid.

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