Woman In UK Spends £10,000 On Surgery To Look Like A Sex Doll

She must be crazy to spend that amount of money on looking like a sex doll.


real life sex doll

A 31-year-old mother of two from Manchester UK has spent a fortune on looking like a real life sex doll.

She stated that she wasn’t happy with the way she was before and has never had botox because her skin is still fine (maybe because she is only 31!).

She was obsessed with looking fake ever since she was 19 years old and she recently needed to take the plunge and splash out on her surgery ever since her partner and father of her two children decided to have an affair. That was when she decided that she wanted to look like a real life sex doll.

It didn’t help the fact that she gained weight after having kids so that was also a low point in her life so she really needed to do something about her look. She went from a size 24 to a size 12 after a strict exercise plan that took up 7 days a week. She then had a boob job and also had lip injections on regular occasions which are extremely painful. Her obsession with the fake, plastic blow-up doll look was always on her mind since she was in her teens. It was the split from her partner that took it to the next level.

real life sex doll image

She now feels a lot better with herself now that she looks like a real life sex doll. Her lips and hair extensions take the most toll and her lips are a constant battle as she has to have them filled every 10 days which cost her £250 a session. Her Facebook friends went from 100 family members and friends to over 4000 because she was added to an Instagram group called ‘Bimbonati’ which really boosted her fanbase.

The crazy part about all of this is the fact that she has many followers on her Facebook page and Instagram account that pay £25 per month to receive raunchy photos of herself. There seems to be a market for all of this so even though you may think she is nuts, there are people willing to pay good money to see images of her so she has a viable business model with this crazy lifestyle. The real issue for her is that she has to go through pain and expense every 10 days with lip filling just to look like a sex doll so is she really making a good income from this?

Her kids accept the way she looks and quite likes it. We just hope she can carry on earning a living so that she can afford to pay for the costly lip filling every 10 days. It still seems like a complete waste of money but each to their own and as long as she is happy then that’s fine.

Would you want to spend this amount of money on looking like a real life sex doll?

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