Which Beer Will Be Filled First, Can You Work It Out?

which glass gets full first puzzle

which glass gets full first meme

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to solve a puzzle. Which glass gets full first? memes are no exception and everybody needs to know the answer.

Since we posted this meme on the Facebook page there have been thousands of comments with many feeling, they have the answer. 

The trouble is that the mind works in mysterious ways and our complex mind hates being beaten. 

There is fascinating psychology to puzzles and although those puzzle memes are one of life’s smaller problems, we are making this puzzle one of life’s larger and more important issues trying to solve it.

This could be a lesson for us and a wake-up call to not stress over the “small issues” which the mind does often.

So what is the answer to which beer will be filled first? (we hear you scream). 

Well, we may just let you in on the answer once we get further down the page and we won’t keep you guessing for long. 

As far as we are aware and looking at the puzzle, the first glass (1) gets filled half way and flows into glass number three (3) and once it reaches the level to flow into number six (6) the beer flows into the pipe for number three (3) and stops as it’s blocked at the end. 

The beer then flows back up the pipe to fill up number three (3) and can’t flow into number 7 due to the pipe being blocked off at the bottom of number three (3).

So which glass gets full first? 

Can you see how this is filling up number three now? That number three glass is the first one to fill up, so that is the answer: or is it? 

We will only know for sure if we had all 7 glasses set up the same as this puzzle with pipes running from each one but that would take ages to make and is it worth the bother?.

Your best option is to solve the puzzle in the mind and that’s what we have done and came up with the answer as number 3.


which glass gets full first answer

If anyone can prove this to be correct or incorrect by going through the trouble of setting up some kind of example in a video and send to us, then there will be a prize for the winner.

You will need to have 7 glasses or something similar that can hold liquid and have the pipes the same as in this meme for us to see it is working. If you can’t solve it and there is no way of proving it then it’s pointless being a snowflake over it.


We have done some extensive research online and there appear to be some good examples of the answer. Some people have painstakingly gone through the hard work of building a model of the 7 cups with tubes.

The cups correspond to the 7 glasses on the meme image and they even have the tubes so the liquid can flow to each cup. While pouring in the liquid you can clearly see that glass number 3 is rapidly filling up. After a few more seconds the result is in – glass number 3 is the one that fills first.

Leave comments below with any further answers and any proof to your conclusion on this mind-bending puzzle. Let’s not let “Which glass gets full first” meme get the better of us.

Written by wotdahelldat


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  1. Actually you, like the victims of your meme have made hasty assumptions based on observation, but without providing all the required information to actually answer the question being put forth. By your own solution you suggest that glass #3 will fill first because of it’s location in the sequence and that is has no functional straws. But what you have not taken into account, nor provided to the viewer is the flow rates that can be expected through the straws vs the flow rate for which beer empties into glass#1. if the rate that glass #1 fills is greater than that by which it empties the answer will be #1.
    This too is based on an assumption, in that there is an unlimited source, or at least the source is sufficient to continuously fill the puzzle until a solution is reached. Being that the bottle in the depiction is of a finite volume, if that volume is not enough to fill glass #3+straws+ approximately 30% minimum of glass#1, then none will fill. And lets not get into discussion about weather or not the head on the beer counts towards fill or not.
    Sorry guys, your meme is flawed, and you are as much victims of your trick as your audience.

  2. Nice way to troll people, including me.
    There are many other factors which one will question including size and material of pipes, rate of pouring, residual volumes etc. But not withstanding why of that, glass 7 will be the first to receive liquid and not let anything out.
    If you wish, depending on the prize, I can run a simulation. I design water supply networks for cities 😉

  3. I’ve made the assumption that the all are open though. Else why would you connect a pipe to a blind flange?

  4. I have an answer to this. It is not about which cup will be filled. It is about the beer itself. It has a cap on and how can the beer pour into the cup. Everyone just focuses on finding the right answer. So the answer is none since the cap is on. That’s my answer! I don’t care if you think I am wrong but that the way I see it.

  5. I don’t see a cap on it.. but none will get full.. There isn’t enough beer in the bottle to even get glass number 3 full!!

  6. I think its about the beer and how much it actually contains. Since it is only one beer not several nor does it state how much beer there is so we can assume it is the traditional 12.7 oz that are most package has a single beer. Its not enough to fill 3 because it has to fill 1 half was before getting to number 3. Thats what i think.

  7. The correct answer is none. You can’t fill a 16oz glass with 12oz of beer. Even if they were 12oz glasses none would be filled with a single 12oz bottle of beer the way they are set up.

  8. It is a very easy one. No head breaking at all. Indeed it is not 3. Straw thickness and fliwrate have nothing to do with it

  9. *not 3 must ofcourse be nr 3. Darned autocorrect

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