28 Of Americas Freakiest Mugshots That Will Give You Nightmares

Americas Freakiest Mugshots

There have always been freaky and scary individuals amongst the criminal underworld but the following collection of criminal freaks are some of Americas freakiest mugshots.

These creepy freaks need locking up because they are scary looking. If you somehow met these freaks in the darkest of night, you would keep running for your life.Here is the first wave of Americas freakiest mugshots:

Here are the first bunch of monsters:

Americas Freakiest Mugshots wave 1
Americas Freakiest Mugshots – The Freaky

Have you looked enough? Well, there’s more and we warn you they get more bizarre as you follow the page down.

Some of these characters are detained for alarming the poop out of general society and a couple of the others were drug addicts or individuals from gangs.

Either way, they’ve impacted the police and those from the public that had the regrettable experience of meeting them.

Here are more:

Americas Freakiest Mugshots wave 2
Americas Freakiest Mugshots – The Freakier

Fancy sharing a prison cell with that bunch? No, I didn’t think so. You wouldn’t get any rest and they are the kind that would abuse your mind each day. It would be like sharing a cell with one of your most abominable characters from a horror film.

Here are most exasperating of the mugshots:

Americas Freakiest Mugshots wave 3
Americas Freakiest Mugshots – Even Freakier

We hope they remain inside well away from the public. Anyone of these critters is an excellent nominee for the next blockbuster horror movie featuring them as the primary character. They would roam around the place creating the most gruesome murders. Even Michael Myers and Freddie Kruger don’t stand a chance against this bunch of freaks.

If you thought they were the only freakiest photos that we have then you are wrong. We have the final round of mugshots below so check out the winners of Americas Freakiest mugshots and remember – don’t have nightmares!

Here are the winners of Americas Freakiest Mugshots:

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