Being Labeled ‘Snowflake’ Has Mental Health Issues For Young People

being labelled a snowflake

being labeled snowflake
being labeled snowflake

Being Labeled ‘Snowflake’ is affecting the Mental Health of Young people. Many millennials are speaking about the problems they are experiencing.

For the last couple of years, the term ‘Snowflake’ has been used by alt-media to heckle those that whine and complain over various current affairs and political Issues.

The term Snowflake was used to describe these Young millennials every time they complain about the outcome of Trump being elected over in the USA or the Brexit outcome in the UK. Mainstream media is even using the term now as well and it’s becoming hard for the younger generation to grasp.

Over-sensitive types within this age group are experiencing anxiety and stress to the degree that universities and colleges are now including areas of the campus where these sensitive types can hide away to calm down. The areas called ‘safe spaces’ are proving to be occupied by whining, sensitive and brat-like millennials who want the world to go their way.

We asked a college student from Michigan who hates being labeled Snowflake why she is so affected by the term. Donna Campbell replied to our question and then she worked herself up into a full-on Snowflake tantrum just talking about this subject.

Her response was: “I was upset about Trump becoming president and I was getting frequent panic attacks every time I watched him speak on TV,” We asked: “What is the problem with Trump” and she then replied in a screaming and erratic manner: “What is wrong with Trump? do you want me to spell it for you? (shouting down the phone to us), do you want me to hang up this call and…”

Unfortunately, she went into a huge tantrum and then stated: “I have had my way all my life and my parents have always given me what I wanted so I expect everything to go my way or I will kick off and all hell will break loose,”

We had to end the call as she was taken away to calm down. A teacher in the college took over the call and explained to us why she can no longer speak to us regarding this as she was hyperventilating and needed a ‘quiet time’ away from the world and pull herself together.

being labeled snowflake stressful
being labeled snowflake can be stressful

After the result of this phone call, we thought that it’s widespread to the point that it is turning into a scourge and not a subject to giggle at any longer due to the impact it has on the mind.

The older generations seem to be able to handle name calling as they were from an era where you had always been called names and had nicknames which were all part of the fun of being at school. It toughened their skin which benefited them later in life.

What do these children need to toughen them? They should be called names more often to get them used to it so they don’t have to suffer from panic attacks.

Adults are concerned about the well-being of their children and in agreement that the label will not be used. Schools, colleges, and universities should bring in a curriculum where the obstacles of life are discussed to the class so that these young adults can get used to being let down more often. Not all things go their direction and they have to acknowledge this in life.

Education also begins at home so the parents need to be responsible and stop putting their kids on an ego trip.

Guardians need to tell their children they are not generally the focal point of the universe and that not all things will go their direction constantly. This new generation of millennials have been exposed to various political issues that they don’t agree with and new political groups have formed like ‘Antifa’ which is an anti-fascist group. It’s only a matter of time when these groups will get angrier.

When this is accomplished, the Snowflake generation would have moved on, toughened up and got over the Issues that got in their way.

Written by wotdahelldat

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