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The Ultimate And Interesting Art Of Freezing Bubbles

This fascinating video of freezing bubbles will hypnotize you.

Freezing Bubbles
Freezing Bubbles

A video on the internet has appeared recently and is delightful and mystical. Chris Ratzlaff enjoys the art of freezing bubbles and takes photographs, films it and then uploads it to the internet.

Chris has an exceptional system of making these bubbles freeze and we will describe later in the article so you can have a bash at accomplishing this. The most crucial part in freezing bubbles in this unique way is for you to be living somewhere freezing. It will not work if you live in the warmer environments.

Art Of Freezing Bubbles
Art Of Freezing Bubbles

Watching these bubbles freeze is the most mesmerizing viewing and the natural way the bubbles freeze over leaves wonderful designs in the ice layer. The freezing bubbles only last a short time so you need to film or photograph these bubbles as quick as you can.

The scientific part of freezing bubbles is interesting and they only last a short time due to the pressure of the atmosphere and this causes the bubble to burst.

Freezing Bubbles
Freezing Bubbles

Dancing ice crystals that dash across the surface of the bubbles fascinates Chris. He mentions that the bubbles look the same as tiny planets and each one is unique and different and what makes them interesting, and fascinating.

Chris stated that -13 degrees Fahrenheit is what is ideal for this to work and he is fortunate enough to be in this freezing weather. The main ingredient for freezing bubbles is soap and this will need to be added to the mixture.

Freezing Bubbles Chris Ratzlaff
Freezing Bubbles Chris Ratzlaff

It’s now time for you to start freezing bubbles.


This is what you will need:

  • A freezing environment
  • 200 ml of warm water
  • 35 ml or corn syrup
  • 35 ml of dish soap
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar


According to Chris, it’s the sugar in the mixture that causes the tiny crystals. He stated that windy condition will not help the freezing and can destroy the bubbles but a subtle breeze can make the bubbles slide along the icy surface or ground. A flat surface is important to make this work as the bubbles will stabilize while they freeze.

Chris Ratzlaff Freezing Bubbles
Chris Ratzlaff Freezing Bubbles

A good idea is to experiment with different brands of soap as you will get different effects on the surface of the bubbles as Chris has discovered.


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