Dads Haunted Dolls Collection Spooks Family


Dad of two – Barry Collingswood who is 63 has had a very strange hobby for some time. He collects haunted dolls.

Barry has become very attached to his haunted dolls and he has completely spooked the whole family including his teenage children, who are threatening to leave if he carries on collecting them. He believes that the dolls are ‘spirited’ and has witnessed strange goings on around the dolls. His very first doll has been very active with moving eyes both witnessed by Barry and his wife Sarah.

Barry has an app that detects EVP – electronic voice phenomenon and he has recorded some strange voices near the dolls. His 8-month-old obsession involves him collecting these creepy dolls and it seems like only a handful are haunted. Barry understands his interest with these haunted dolls is more to do with investigation reasons rather than being an obsession.


Some of the voice phenomenon recorded sounds like an Amercian voice and one voice seems to say “what’s wrong” when played back from the app. His wife Sarah is very sceptical over the dolls however, she did say that various phenomenon experienced can’t be explained.


Many people have been scared by antique china dolls for decades and they have the same effect on people as clowns. The famous film “Chucky” is a fine example of scary dolls although Chucky is a bit extreme when he causes lots of disturbing deaths to those who come in contact with him. I would like to think that Barry’s doll collection is a lot less violent and scary than Chucky.

Barry is not the only person who is keen on collecting spooky haunted dolls. Ian Rogers is another avid collector of haunted dolls and claims that one of them is haunted by a 7-year-old girl. The girl drowned in a lake and has haunted the doll ever since. Ian has spent hundreds on these dolls and likes to add more to his collection. He is another collector who is also fascinated with the paranormal and likes to use these dolls as investigating the various incidents that happen around them. Ian is a single guy (I wonder why) and buys his dolls from a paranormal investigator called Jayne Harris and she likes to test them out before selling.

I’m fairly sure that this is a very niche interest and has not really touched on the mainstream yet. Maybe one day it could become very popular but only for those who are not scared very easily.

Sleep well…..

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