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Canada Releases Falcon Lake UFO Glow In The Dark Silver Coin

Falcon Lake UFO glow in the dark Silver coin

Disclosure is almost upon us and this year so far we have had the Pentagon release more files and now Canada is releasing the Falcon Lake UFO glow in the dark Silver coin.

Falcon Lake UFO glow in the dark Silver coin craft

It’s exciting times for the UFO community and we are excited too. Wot Da Hell Dat loves the paranormal and the UFO and Alien subject and when a country like Canada releases this exclusive Silver coin which is the best-documented UFO case so you just have to sit up and take notice.

The coin is released in commemoration of the Falcon Lake UFO incident.

So what is the story?

Back in 1967, Stefan Michalak claimed that he had witnessed a UFO at Falcon Lake Canada. Michalak was visiting the area one morning because he was told that there was some quartz to be found near the lake so he set off to investigate.

After digging for quartz at about 9.00 am he managed to stumble across some of the metal and carried on digging until lunchtime when he heard a strange noise.

He looked up into the sky and witnessed 2 Red cigar-shaped objects.

One of them landed nearby on a rock while the other one stayed in mid-air. Both UFO’s changed their color from Red to Grey or a color more like stainless steel.

The object that had landed on a rock nearby started emitting a violet light from the interior and Michalak could smell what seemed like Sulphur. The flying object also made a humming noise.

Stefan decided to try and make contact with the strange flying object thinking it was some experimental aircraft.

With no joy of communication, he then approached the door of the craft and touched the opening wearing one of his gloves.

He suddenly felt an intense heat which melted his glove and caused pain to his hand. He then witnessed what looked like a metal box with holes in that glided off the ship and emitted a gas cloud in his direction.

The blast of gas burnt Michalak’s clothes and then the UFO shot off to find the other one and left Michalak startled and confused by what had just happened.

For some time Michalak had experienced strange smells and feeling of sickness. He also had strange burn marks on his stomach area that did not go away at all.

Falcon Lake UFO glow in the dark Silver coin markings

He also lost his hair and although he thought it was some kind of radiation poisoning, he was tested as not having any radiation poisoning at all although later in the investigation radiation was found near the landing site.

The amount of radiation was not enough to pose a risk to human life so it’s a mystery as to what had affected the health of Michalak.

For many months he felt very unwell and was tested for mental illness which came back as negative. He was free of any mental health issues and his symptoms just could not be explained.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police decided to investigate this incident alongside the help from Michalak.

They visited the are and did the radiation checks on the markings where the craft had landed and noticed there were small amounts of radiation in the area.

The radiation was a naturally occurring radiation and the level detected was not harmful to humans.

This incident is a mystery that has not been solved by the Canadian government and although Michalak died at 83 back in 1999 the mystery still carries on today.

1 oz Silver Coin

The recent release of this amazing Falcon Lake glow in the dark silver coin is another massive step in the direction of full disclosure and the big question of our civilization “are we alone?”

The coin is selling at $129.95 and is currently sold out. It also glows in the dark and seems pretty popular and in demand.

It’s a must for any UFO buff and will be a great addition to any collector of silver bullion.

Check it out here

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