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Interstellar Communication By ET Could Be A Cyber Attack

The potential risk of a cyber attack from interstellar communication by extraterrestrials has huge implications. 

Read on to find out why?

We’ve been witnessing many mainstream media reports on UFO and government files including high profile witnesses who have seen strange objects in the sky. 

The internet has also been trending with these reports and also many videos of strange lights and convincing video of the unknown flying craft.

Interstellar Communication Alien

Some of these videos are fake but there are many that are also real including footage from reliable and high profile witnesses. 

What would happen if we got a signal or message from ET? 

SETI had been active for many years and had picked up a few very unusual signals but what would happen if we found the big one? 

A document released by Michael Hippie and John G. Learned who are astrophysicists explains the implications of receiving interstellar communications from extra-terrestrial civilizations which could be a cyber-attack if not opened with caution.

Interstellar Communication paper

Finding ET would be the most important news this planet has ever experienced and would change our world forever. What would happen if we opened a file or message from space we had received and it was a cyber-attack that would cause disastrous and dangerous implications for our existence here on Earth?

This is where we would need to be very careful. We would need to have a very advanced computer program or system in place that detects that the message was a threat. The interstellar communication we receive could send through an alien probe. In an ideal world, the message will unlikely be harmful but we should never rule out the threat it could impose on our existence.

ET would find it far easier to send us a message, file or probe to eliminate us from this planet rather than sending craft down to kill us all. Their technology would be far more advanced than ours and they could send something threatening to us.

Many astrophysicists, International Academy Of Astronauts and NASA scientists share the same view on this matter and have quoted “These recordings should be made available to the international institutions listed above and to members of the scientific community for further objective analysis and interpretation.” 

The risk of this happening is unlikely, but the risk is there and our scientists and astronomers need to keep the risk of this happening as an extreme importance when receiving messages.

Interstellar Communication Infographic

You can download the paper and read more here.

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