Giant Lizard Gets Treated Like A Pet Dog.



A pet giant lizard that goes by the name of Mcgyver can’t make up its mind whether it’s a Lizard or a Dog.

The owners (Scott and Ice) have been treating it like a pet dog for ages and it rather likes it. Ice dressed the giant Lizard in various stylish jumpers when it’s cold as these lizards like the warm climates. Mcgyver is fed like a baby and seems to really enjoy being looked after differently than the usual reptilian would.

Scott and Ice are very protective over this Lizard and they are constantly worried about whether it will get ‘Lizard-napped’ from the garden so they keep a constant eye on him as he is now very famous. The Lizard has his own YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page. Mcgyvers YouTube channel has over 45,000 subscribers and growing daily.


Mcgyver is an Argentine Red Tegu and the owners seem to think that he has the mind of a dog and was quite possibly a dog in his previous life. He comes when they call him by his name just like a pet dog. It may have something to do with them treating him like you would a dog. I wonder if they take him for a walk every day on a lead. It would look highly amusing if they did.

These types of lizards are normally just over 4 foot long and 2 foot wide and really are a big lizard. According to various sources, they will pretty much anything that is given to them (as long as it’s tasty). They can eat a combination of fruit and also meat including mice, birds, insects and various other reptiles. They have also been known to eat the odd finger so watch out!

Winter is the time for them to go into a hibernation period to get away from the cold months as they prefer the warmth of the sun. You would also need a very big cage to keep these as a pet so make sure you are well equipped to look after one of these giant lizards. Scott and Ice have obviously gained experience in looking after Mcgyver as he seems very happy indeed.

There is plenty of video footage of Mcgyver on his YouTube channel which you can check out. You can also see video footage of him below.


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