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NASA Scientists Discover Topsy Turvy Parallel Universe

parallel universe
imaged with a telescope and a scientific CCD camera

NASA scientists have found a parallel universe where time runs backward. This is no joke so read on for more on this bizarre story…

The universe was created in the same big bang that our universe was created from but in parallel with us. The discovered universe is completely “topsy turvy” and is totally mirrored to ours but in reverse.

This fascinating information has been published by The New Scientist who is a very trustworthy source for anything related to science.

The discovery has excited many physicists who have been involved in using a giant balloon with NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna attached to get to this awesome discovery.

The dry air above Antarctica was the ideal place for the discovery. In the vast area of space above our heads there are high-energy particles and subatomic neutrinos that can pass through Earth.

The solid mass of our planet stops higher-energy objects which means high-energy particles can be detected coming down from space.

NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna had detected heavier and more dense particles called tau neutrinos which come up out of the Earth.

The particles are traveling backward in time which is evidence of a parallel universe. ANITA has detected this phenomena and scientists have stated that they had seen what looked like an ‘upside-down cosmic ray shower”

Several of these events (which seemed impossible) blew the minds of the scientists involved in the discovery.

A small percentage of these physicists aren’t as convinced stating that there is not enough conclusive evidence.

It certainly seems like they have discovered something that seems bizarre and if it’s conclusive evidence then the implications of another parallel universe existing alongside ours, but in reverse is the find of the century.

Whatever they have discovered is beyond comprehension and the mind boggles as to what is out there.

To keep things simple, we don’t understand or know as much as we think we do. The planet, universe, and vast space above our heads and around us may not be what we think.

There could be millions of parallel universes and dimensions existing around us but we are not on the same frequency so they are invisible.

Most of us would rather not think about it and continue to read about the Kardashians or which team is winning at football (that’s so last year).

It’s not easy to think on the wavelength that propels our minds away from a normal existence.

However exciting this discovery is there are still a few scientists that are not 100% convinced that ANITA is sending back the right data and could be a malfunction.

I hope it is a genuine discovery but if it is, would we be informed through all mainstream media channels?

I will wait with bated breath…

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