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How Can I Become A Morning Person? Follow These 5 Helpful Tips


Many people are asking: How can I become a morning person? and the answer lies in the art of habit and consistency. We offer 5 great tips on getting into a rhythm that will help you achieve your goals.

It’s been a crazy year so far what with global lockdowns and many people working from home and so many of us are finding it hard getting used to this new way of life.

If you are one of the many workers that have been told to work from home then it will be very hard to get into the habit of getting up early. The psychology behind this is clear as day because we no longer have to commute so that extra hour in bed becomes a bad habit.

So how can I become a morning person I hear you ask?

There are 5 easy tips you can follow to help if you are one of those people who would love to rise early but fail to achieve it.

Tip 1: Go To Bed Earlier

It seems pretty straightforward but going to bed early is one of the hardest habits to achieve. For a start, you may be wide awake at 10 pm so you sit there and watch TV for another hour due to the fact that you are not feeling sleepy.

If you are still wide awake at 10 pm then force yourself to go to bed if you want to wake early. Try reading a book while lying in bed. On most occasions reading will make you feel tired and your eyes will feel heavier.

There have been many occasions where I have read a book at bedtime and noticed that I’ve drifted off while dropping my book in the process. This is the indication that you are ready for sleep. Try it even if you don’t really like reading. I can guarantee that you’ll feel sleepier once you start reading.


Tip 2: Turn Off Your Gadgets An Hour Before Bed.

During the last decade most of us are victims of our gadgets and can’t leave them alone. It’s been proven that the blue light that is given off by our phones, tablets, and computers is a hindrance to our sleep patterns.

The blue light restricts the release of melatonin and can be a major problem for sleeping. LED lights and fluorescent bulbs can also have the same effect when trying to sleep so the best advice is to switch them off at least an hour before you go to bed.

Our children are victims of these gadgets and I’ve often told my kids off for being on their phones or computer games right before they go to bed. If you find it hard sleeping and you are on your gadgets then you need to know that Melatonin is what sends you to sleep and blue light stops this from being produced.

Tip 3: Get Into The Rhythm.

Consistency and habit is the key factor for early mornings. Humans are creatures of habit so it’s essential that you keep to a constant cycle. This can mean focusing on a certain time to go to bed and wake up.

Your body will get into a rhythmic cycle which will make it easier for you to stick to the routine of sleep and waking. Your body clock will finally kick in after several weeks of keeping this routine and it will be a whole lot easier to achieve that early morning waking cycle.

Tip 4: Don’t Eat Food Late At Night

It’s not only bad for you but it’s also going to affect your sleeping pattern. Some say that it’s good practice to fast after mid-afternoon and not to eat anything until morning. The body will crave food earlier in the morning which will wake you up ready for breakfast.

Those that have tried this claim that they have more energy and focus the next day. Although it’s an extremely hard habit to get into it’s probably better for the body and especially your sleep patterns.

Tip 5: Get More Exercise

If you are finding it hard to wake up in the morning then try being more active. If you get time in the day then have a workout, jog or brisk walk. This can also be a habit to get into and a routine that you need to master.

Like everything else, it’s not easy to get into the habit and you need to be self-motivated. Meditation can also be implemented into this exercise routine as that will help you relax and become more focused.

You will find that waking up fresh and focused will be more consistent while practicing meditation and sticking to an exercise routine.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty more tips and advice on this but we find that the 5 tips we’ve provided will help you enormously if you are having trouble waking early. Just remember that the earlier you wake up, the more productive you will be during the day.

Getting into the natural circadian rhythm isn’t easier but can be achieved with consistency and rhythm. Remember that habits are easy to keep once mastered. You just need to work at the method that suits you and that works for you.

Achieving all 5 of these tips will award you with the “Morning Master” achievement of your life so give them a go and leave a comment below as we would love to hear if it’s working for you.

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