Auto Urine Therapy Could Prevent You From Getting Dandruff!


We have heard of some strange cures recently and Auto Urine Therapy is a technique used to treat dandruff but does it work?

Some people have tried this gross method of eliminating dandruff and apparently it’s worked.

Those who have tried it claim that you have to use your own urine and to spread it evenly across the scalp with a scalp massager.

This needs to be done before washing hair and not after. For a start, it’ll be stinky and guaranteed that you’ll have plenty of people socially distanced from you.

A recent post on Twitter claiming that it works stated that the layer of dandruff remained “minimal” after several splats of urine on the bonce.

Urine lovers also claim that auto urine therapy can strengthen the immune system although we wouldn’t recommend drinking it as a late-night beverage.

We looked up and researched this strange cure and found that many people were trying cow urine to cure ailments. Many claim it has medicinal properties.

India’s famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar drinks cow urine on a daily basis. There have been a few Indian MPs drinking this ghastly beverage hoping it’ll cure Coronavirus.

There’s a history lesson with this drink and after initial research it uses goes back to the early 20th century.

Another country that has embraced the practice of drinking urine is China. They also have The Urine Therapy Association, so it’s taken very seriously.

Bottled camel urine is sold in the Arabian Peninsula as a cure for various health issues so there’s a few nationalities across the world that believe it works.

The experts (do they really exist?) say that it’s not just a matter of drinking any old Urine. You have to keep to a strict diet before you can use the urine for medicinal purposes.

So does it really work?

We don’t have the answer as we have never tried it. There are plenty of books written about Auto Urine Therapy so we will leave that for you all to make up your own mind (once you’ve read the books of course).

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