A Creationist And 3 Evolutionists Have A Debate About Where God Came From.


Too many questions and not enough answers have always been the topic on creationist and evolutionists lips throughout history, especially when it comes to religion and the subject of God.

The video below has a short blast of one creationist and 2 evolutionists having a good solid debate on the topic in question and if you would like to see more on this then there are more videos available that are longer for those that like to get deeper into this subject.


The mystery of life is certainly a debatable topic which we would prefer not to get into here on Wot Da Hell Dat but it’s very fascinating, to say the least. We would prefer to see some of you have a good debate over whether we were placed here by some supernatural being or whether we evolved from somewhere else. Some believe that we could have been created by an alien race from another star system but that’s another topic that can be discussed in another post.

Each theory has elements of substance and some have an ingredient of a far-fetched Hollywood moment. The Bible and various other religious books have been around for centuries and many of us have always asked the question ‘Is it true?’ alongside millions of others who are confident that it is and will argue their case very strongly. There must be some kind of force or energy that exists somewhere that has enough intelligence to of created us isn’t there? Can we really just evolve from nothing and exist without a design from another intelligence?


The question is – ‘who or what is that intelligence and where did it come from?’ Another question is ‘where is it now?’ so the list of questions can go on and on and on. Hopefully, we will find out from some reliable source eventually but it may not be in our lifetime. The philosophical mindset will always ask these debatable questions and understand that a creationist or an evolutionists mindset will come from how we were programmed as children. Not one person is born a creationist and not one person is born an evolutionist. We are taught to think this way from families and schools and it normally stays with us throughout our adult life.

I suppose we have to accept everyone’s belief whatever that may be and not one person has been proven correct yet. Our theories will continue for years to come and very soon we may have cracked the code to our existence through advanced technology or some divine knowledge or message from the stars. Whatever happens, it’s a subject that will never go away because it’s always fascinating to debate about this topic whether you believe in God or you don’t.

Don’t be afraid to have your say on this as we would love to hear your opinions.


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