Man Owns Cops Stating First Amendment Right Of Access While Filming Them

first amendment-right-to-access-police

first amendment-right-of-access-cops
Cops ask the guy with the camera for ID while he states first amendment right of access.

These cops didn’t want to be filmed but the man behind the camera insisted due to his first amendment right of access.

A video has emerged online with footage of two cops entering a club in Iowa after seeing a group of men outside. They were doing a routine check on the establishment and after speaking to the club staff, they decided to leave.

As they walked out of the club the male cop noticed the man filming them. The man then carried on filming while walking outside and the cop then stated: “If you want to keep that camera then I suggest you go back inside”.

The cop noticed the man filming him.

You then hear the man with the camera say “I have public access and as a US citizen I have a right” The cop can clearly be heard saying “go back inside” and the man with the camera accuses the cop of calling him a “dumb ass”.

The cops are still not happy with being filmed and ask him for his ID. The guy with the camera keeps stating his first amendment right of access and then shortly after the video ends.

first amendment-right-to-access-police
The cop asks the man to go back inside.


So What is First Amendment Right Of Access?

The supreme court in the USA has given the public and press first amendment right of access to judicial proceedings in criminal cases. There are many people who have researched where the law stands and like to get the upper hand over some cops. In many cases, the public and press have a first amendment right of access to pretrial documents as well.

Does this give the man with the camera the right to film the cops? If the cops wish not to be filmed then they can surely ask him to stop filming?

Well, the first amendment right of access also gives the public and press the right to film police whether they like it or not. This guy also knew his rights and that’s why he made an issue out of his actions. At least the police have a right to film as well which makes it a fair game.

The problem with this incident is that the police are simply just doing their job and doing a routine check on a club that had some very shifty looking guys hanging outside. The guy filming just noticed an opportunity to use his knowledge of the first amendment right of access and decided to film the cops.

The cop should have also taken advantage of the guy filming and acted in a professional manner rather than an intimidating one. Calling the guy a “dumb ass” was probably not the best thing to do while on camera.

You can see the video below:

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