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Drakes New Iphone Case Cost $400,000. Is It Worth It?

iPhone case cost

Can someone inform rapper Drake what a normal iPhone case can cost?

His recent purchase cost a very cool $400,000 for a diamond-studded iPhone case. It has an Owl in the center.

We think he has more money than sense to be honest. What will happen if he decides to upgrade his phone to a newer model? Will the case be thrown away?

It’s causing a nice amount of attraction online as usual (that’s why we decided to report the news). Most of his fans are liking the new purchase, so to get a different perspective from us would be a breath of fresh air so here goes…

Drake – you’re an idiot!

A PR stunt to a bunch of crazy and deluded fans. The majority are probably thinking the same as us (and most of you reading this).

Does the case sparkle like a piece of Christmas tinsel on a $50 dollar fake Christmas tree? Yes and whats with the Owl? Is it some kind of secret society emblem that signals vast wealth to all other members?

Drake iPhone case cost

We would love to know the reason for the huge purchase, and what was going through his head when he handed over the cash for the case.

Most people struggle to reach $400,000 of wealth in a lifetime.

The moral of the story is that maybe, just maybe Drake should pay more taxes? If they pay more taxes then these silly purchases that cost a small fortune wouldn’t happen so frequently.

At the end of the day, it all stems from the ego. The diamonds will impress the ladies and increase his chances of landing a date with the lady of his dreams.

We just hope he doesn’t leave it in the back of a cab or in a restaurant somewhere. If he does and any of you guys find it then DO NOT hand it in…

Sell it and pay off your mortgage.

Oh, and kids please stop buying his music as he does silly things with his money.


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Because we can’t do basic! Diamond iPhone case cover for our friend @champagnepapi ??????

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