The Revolutionary New Iphone App That Tells You When To Pee


Two twin brothers have invented and designed a new Iphone app that reminds you when to pee.

Its a revolutionary new idea that will help people remember to pee while playing video games, drinking in a bar, eating in a restaurant and walking along the street. The guys reckon it could be a big hit with people with short term memory loss and they are requesting donations from investors to help create the app. They require $50,000 in total for the creation of the app and all donors will receive some great benefits including a legendary ‘Skype session’ with the creators of the app.

The video will give you more of an idea on what the app is capable of with this new state of the art technology. The app also integrates with the new ‘Bathroom Locator App’ which locates the nearest bathroom / lavatory in the area. The Pee App also allows you to share across all social media platforms so you can share your pees with your friends. They can also see where you are peeing so that you could also hook up and have a pee together.


The guys have also mentioned that a ‘Poo App’ will be in development but will not be for another 10-15 years before they can produce the technology for this idea. Their scientific team are looking at ways of creating this Poo App so they can begin the procedure as soon as the Pee App is available on the app store. There will quite possibly be a deal available for the Pee & Poo app which will also allow you to download the Bathroom Locator App at a reduced rate so you can have all three revolutionary ‘must have’ Iphone apps.

Dr Stoolson mentioned that there will be out of this world technology integrated into the Poo App which is why it will be about 10 – 15 years before they can get this app released. The Poo App could also prevent Diarrhoea and constipation so the technology goes way beyond what is available in the current Pee App.

We will let you all know once we find out more on the development of the Pee App and its release date. In the meantime you will need to make sure you don’t forget to have a pee when you need one.

We are not entirely sure whether this app is available on the app store as yet. The good news is that there is also an app that analyses your urine which is a great tool for those who are always worried about the colour, smell or even taste. There is more information about this here.

Check out the video:

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